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December to Dismember

December to Dismember


A December to Dismember: Texas Revolution’s 1st Anniversary Show

Friday, December 6, 2019 at 8 PM – 1 AM

Fitzgerald’s Bar & Live Music Venue, 437 McCarty Rd

Celebrate the holiday season and our first anniversary with music and vendors to die for! Doors at 8:00; music at 9:00.

Rendered Heartless,
Minister Fiend,
We Inertia,

Preshow tickets $5,  Door tickets $10 Get a $2 discount at the door with a flyer from the bands.

Adobe Flash and After Effects: Sea Harbor animation Scene

Sea Harbor animation Scene

Sea Harbor bass boat animation Scene drawn in Adobe Animate ( Animate Flash) and composited in Adobe After Effects.


The elements were drawn in Adobe Animate ( formerly known as Flash) and then layered in After Effects.

I copied and isolated the sun within its own layer. I then added an orange solid layer underneath the sun. I drew an ellipse around it. Then I added large amounts of radial blur onto it to make the sun “beam”.

This will later be turned into a TV commercial for Artex Funding.


After Effects Removal

An example of Adobe After Effects being used to remove a photographer from a wedding video.

More details on how I did it at:

New Braunfels Conservation Society

New Braunfels Conservation Society
1300 Church Hill Drive
New Braunfels, TX 78130
Main Office: 830-629-2943


Buck Rogers Retro Rocket

Buck Rogers Retro Rocket



A fan film of the late 70’s TV show BUCK ROGERS.  Buck Rogers had already been a comic strip and a movie serial. This one seemed to be mainly a tribute to the 70s TV version, but that rocket seems directly inspired by the 1930s comic strip.


Whoah! I LOVE youtube !   Look at this oddity!

Flying Superhero mannequins


Howard and Theodore (brothers, ) made these special effects at Republic Pictures. Howard later went on to work for Irwin Allen shows like “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.”   and “Lost in Space”.

I heard they tried mannequins on wires for the 1978 SUPERMAN but they said they couldn’t get it to look right. It had “No life”.

But this footage was 3 or 4 decades earlier and it looks great. A Superman mannequin with some animatronic parts could still work today.

Those Captain Marvel shots look great until you see too much of the mannequins face,


Rare Old HD Special Effects And Action Scenes

At 1.28 that looks pretty real. I am assuming / hoping its a camera on dolly track and someone tugs it on a robe at the last second. I think the footage is speeded up.

2.40  I think thats Hitchcock’s STRANGERS ON A TRAIN

Strangers on a Train (film)

I 3.22 we see the words “dan marruffo ”

I googled “dan marruffo  race car movie”

and found :

The Dan Marruffo footage is 2 minutes in….  I suppose thats documentary / newsreel footage of a real race.


I’ll keep searching and keep you posted.