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Austin/San Antonio, Texas based digital film maker, animator and motion graphics editor.

Lee Harvey Oswalds walk

A walk from Lee Harvey Oswald’s rooming house down Beckley Street in over to 10th and Patton, where he allegedly shot officer JD Tippit It took me 15 minutes. I guessed at the route. Nobody, not even the Warren commission, can say for sure the exact route that Oswald took.

Work Samples for S.A.B.O.R.

Work Samples for S.A.B.O.R.

Greetings Creative Team of San Antonio Board of Realtors.

I have a background in film and video production and post production, animation and photography. For the past decade I have been doing video and social media marketing for a variety of companies in San Antonio and Austin. I know all about shooting and editing audio and video and posting clips online, and could easily produce your podcasts and promos.

I currently work two part time jobs for Texas Revolution Music and Glass Geeks, in addition to a lot of freelance gigs.

Here are the work samples we talked about:
I work for Texas Revolution Music LLC as a marketing consultant, making promotional videos, posters and flyers.
Here are some of my best promo videos for them:

For this “Rock of Ages” spot, I came up with the concept, wrote the script, did all of the 2D cartoon animation (in Adobe Animate/Adobe Animate) and Adobe Photoshop. The concert footage was pulled off of YouTube ( shot by the bands fans) and cleaned up in Adobe After Effects. That’s even my voice in the narration. I edited the final project in Adobe Premiere.

All the same tools were used in this spot, and I shot most of the concert footage myself:

This was created from footage supplied by the bands, and 2D Animation created by me with Adobe Animate, Photoshop and After Effects:

A poster I made for this show, re-using the Photoshop graphics I created for the video:

POSTER March 26b flat

No concert footage of the bands was available for this spot, so I improvised with Photoshop and After Effects:

Here are some other hard rock posters I created in Photoshop:

Some other random Photoshop projects:

This is an product video I created for

At Glass-Geeks, I shoot and edit video, and make social media graphics.

This is a hiring/recruitment video I shot and edited:

That same company had me create a real estate video, showing off some spare office space they wanted to rent out:

Then we realized that FaceBook Reels get more views than a YouTube link, and instead of reformatting the existing footage, I simply re-shot the piece with the camera aligned vertical:

(Note, I am sending you the YouTube links, but ALL of the videos I am sending you were also directly uploaded the FaceBook for maximum marketing impact.

In addition to my B.A. in Radio-TV-Film from Rowan University in New Jersey, I also have a certificate in 2D Animation from Austin Community College, thus I often add animated graphics to my videos for visual appeal:

I co wrote, shot and edited this commercial promoting Glass-Geeks’ roof cleaning service:

Interviews I shot and edited for a Texas Politician:

A 2D cartoon I drew, animated and did two of the voices for:

A real estate video I shot and edited for

This is probably my most advanced promo video. Written and directed by the client, shot, edited and animated by me:

DreamJet Car detailing hired me to shoot, edit and create the animated graphics for a series of promo spots such as:

An animated commercial I created for Jamie Johnson Insurance in San Antonio:

Arden Innovations had me shoot and edit this commercial for their new CPAP Hose Life:

A car repair commercial I made for Precision Auto Masters:

At Agellum Life I did product videography, color correction and motion graphics for numerous spots that were edited together by someone else in the company:

An animated promo video I made for them:

Thank you for reading this, and I look forward to working with you.


Matt Kordelski

Landscape Lighting, Glass Geeks

Landscape Lighting, Glass Geeks

(210) 893-2356

We take pride in giving your property that warm, inviting aesthetic you expect. Illuminate and beautify your landscape by up-lighting certain features of your outdoor space. Our expert installers will make your property a serene, carefree place to enjoy your space the way it was meant to be.

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Disco Dots Motion Graphics

Disco Dots Motion Graphics

Motion graphics “Disco dots” made with Adobe Animate (Nee Flash) and Adobe After Effects.

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Fall Ball, Sat Sept 24, 8pm

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 2022 AT 7:45 PM CDT. Fall Ball

Fitzgerald’s Bar & Live Music Venue

Celebrate Dawn’s birthday with tons of fun at the Fall Ball! Come out for free parking, drink specials, and fantastic music!



Phil Salazars Mojo Medicine Acoustic Show

Preshow discount tickets $10 from the bands, Fitz’s, Herb’s Hut, or online at our ticket link. 21+ only.

Full kitchen available.

Little Mermaid color question?

Why is the Royal family in the new “Little Mermaid” Black?
I don’t know, but I know people who live under the sea wouldn’t be white or black would they?
They’d be a fishy green or blue wouldn’t they? In the first film the part of the sea they lived under seemed to be near Jamaica wasn’t it?
Or not….. the humans lived in a European castle not a colonial estate. Wasn’t the original children’s fable set in Denmark?
Ugg my head hurts.

In WW2 movies, every German except Hitler himself had an upper class British accent. In the movies, Hitler was the only German in all of Germany.
The language was always English, except for a few words like “Herr” and “Fuhrer.”

In the original King Kong, the residents of a Pacific Island, ( nowhere near Africa) were African.
I think the big gate set was left over from a big budget Bible movie. The Skull islanders culture seemed to be a mix of Hawaiian and African ( or ignorant white peoples preconceptions of those cultures).

This person thinks that “Skull Island” was somewhere in Indonesia…. below India?

Isn’t there a real island somewhere beneath India where the locals are still in the stone age and will attack outsiders on sight- fearing foreign infections?

In a 60’s Japanese King Kong movie, the residents of that Pacific Island were played by Japanese extras in light brown makeup. A little closer.

In Peter Jacksons King Kong remake, those Pacific Islanders were…. I don’t know. I assume the actors were New Zealanders in costume and makeup.

I am also assuming that Peter Jackson spent decades thinking about / researching the issue.

Glo Geeks, Landscape Lighting

Everyone knows how important it is to have glo geeks clean clean your walls and ground surfaces, because those are the areas you see everyday, but its just as important to have us clean your gutters and rooves. We remove the problematic mold and we also find obstructions you would have never known your home had!

We take pride in giving your property that warm, inviting aesthetic you expect. Illuminate and beautify your landscape by up-lighting certain features of your outdoor space. Our expert installers will make your property a serene, carefree place to enjoy your space the way it was meant to be

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This video commercial was shot with a Sony Camcorder and a Canon DSLR. Edited with Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects, with some Adobe Animate (formerly Flash) 2D animation.