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Austin, Texas based digital film maker, animator and motion graphics editor.

TREES, film

I did not make this.

This is an independent film/student film produced and directed by Laura Jean Carney in 1992.

I had a very small part of the crew in some scenes and I did the end credits on this amazing new invention called a Macintosh Computer.

Actors: Patty Gilson and Andrew Nelson,

Musical score  by Andrew Nelson. Written and directed by Laura Carney.

Director of Photography: Maylon Price.

1st Assistant Camera: John Donaldson

2nd Assistant Camera: Bob Haines and Bill Paulino

Sound: Scott Hennely and April Carty

Production Manager: Christie Mahon

Teacher/Advisor: Joe Bierman

Title Graphics: Matt Kordelski

SPECIAL THANKS: Dennis Courtney, Sean O Leary, Mario Giorno, Blake Johnson, Joseph Marcello, Stephen Kwasnik,  Amy Alexander, Ken Mandel, Walter Thomas IV, Dawn Cerruto, H. Sid Narulto, Dr. Richard Grupenhoff-PHD, NFL Films, Glassboro State College Cinema Workshop.

Copyright 1992.


Good Sound Vs Bad Sound

Every time I get contacted about shooting a live music show I tell them we also need a dedicated sound recordist, (which I am not).

The bands often say “We don’t need that… just you should be ok….”

Then they are disappointed….

THIS is an example of a low end music video show that sounds GREAT!!!


THIS is what happens when you shoot a concert with just the camera sound:


PS to any of you millenials who never heard of Todd Rundgren…


Todd Rundgren is one of those acts that critics love but most of the public has never heard of.

Vector Marketing scam?

Is Vector Marketing a scam?

It didn’t work out for me. It might work out for others.

So much on youtube is trashing the company. I am not doing that.  But I didn’t stay with them very long, so I can’t say  if I was the problem or if Vector was.

I got a flyer on my windshield “Make ____ $$$ an hour call Vector Marketing at:_____” sounded good.

I showed up at a strip mall in Beaumont, Texas……  it seemed like Vector hadn’t been in that office very long…. they didn’t seem “moved in” yet.


I didn’t even know what we were selling.  I thought it might be a call center job.  A lot of people make that mistake/




sci fi pictogram


1) The Simpsons


3) Batman

4) Dunno

5) Dexters Lab

6) dunno

7) Family Guy

8) Dunno

9) Dunno

10) Flintstones ( Fred, Wilma, Dino, Pebbles)

11) Dunno  Deadpool?

12) The Minions

13) South Park

14) Dunno

15) Dunno

16) Dunno

17) Mickey Mouse and Minnie?

18) Dunno

19) Star WarsLuke, Han, Leia, Chewbacca, C3P0, R2D2,

20 Star Trek TOS. But who is the 4th character?