Innocent Bystanders XFer

Rough transfer of a VHS copy of a 16mm film

“Innocent Bystanders.” This is a 16mm film I made in college (Glassboro State College, now known as Rowan University). Shot in 1991. This is simply a VHS video camcorder pointed at a flat-bed steenbeck film editing screen. I re-edited the VHS on an Amiga Toaster around 1992.

I recently (2021) transferred the VHS to digital. I am hoping to do a 4K restoration soon.

Music by Kahlil Gunther

Written, produced, directed and edited by Matthew Kordelski.


Laura Fonseca, Matt Reece, Dan Greenspan and George Jordan.

Production Assistants: Randall Deckard, John Perupchuck, Adam Paul, Jennifer Wiggleworth, R.J. Chester, Fred Feltz.

Film Advisor: Dr Joseph Bierman

Thanks to:

Dr Richard Grupenhoff, Cinema Workshop, Chris McDonough, Amy Donchey, Dennis Courtney, RITZ AT THE BOURSE Parking Garage, Ned Eckhardt, Rohn Wenner, Christopher Kuberiet.


Duncanville HS vs Mater Dei high school football

Video of the football game between Mater Dei high school And Duncanville high school that was played Friday August 27, 2021. Shot and edited by mattkprovideo.

Shot with 4K Sony cameras. Edited with adobe premiere. opening title graphic created with adobe Photoshop and adobe after effects

Incarnate Word Samples

These are sample of my video production (writing, shooting, editing, animating) to show The University of the Incarnate Word what I can do.

An info-mercial I shot and edited ( The client wrote it).

A sales/training video for Agellum representatives. Created in Photoshop, Flash/Animate and After Effects.

A San Antonio mechanic commercial. I shot and edited this, and created all the graphics.

A San Antonio florist commercial. I shot and edited this.

Live rock show promo I shot and edited.

Christmas light installation commercial.

#ArtTex Funding, Collateral

ArtTex Funding, Collateral

An animated commercial I made for ArTex Funding.

2D animation made mainly with Adobe Animate ( Flash) and edited with Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere.