Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald

A 1977 TV movie that speculates how Lee Harvey Oswald’s trial might have happened if he hadn’t been killed by Jack Ruby.


“You’re gonna lose that girl” cover

I did a youtube search for the Beatles song “You’re gonna lose that girl”.

I played this… it took me a moment to catch on that this wasn’t the Beatles but a very good cover band, who made a video with the EXACT SAME lighting as the film “HELP”

If lighting is your specialty/interest, you’ll be impressed at what a great job the video makers did..

The real scene:

The Umbrella Academy in Dallas

Have any of Kennedy assassination buff’s watched Season 2 of “The Umbrella Academy”?

( TV SPOILERS! Stop reading this if you haven’t watched all of it yet!)

The show is kind of a cross between The Xmen and The Watchmen….

Is Season Two the group (SPOILERS)

A mixed up family of super hero types time travels back to Dallas in the early sixties….

When they all get back to together they realize they are there because of a certain historical event about to happen on Dallas in November…

I have read that the show is filmed in Canada,but it sure looks like they are actually there in Dealey Plaza and other places in Dallas in 1963.  I am assuming The actors were green screened over very good CGI of various parts of Dealey Plaza.

They got so much right, the clothing, the cars, the license plates…

Theres birds eye views of the Presidential parade turning the corner of Houston and Elm…. scenes in the govt building across the way…. the parking lot behind the School Book Depository.. the picket fence…

They didn’t have the budget to go to Dallas and fill it with period actors and cars ( like Stones “JFK”) did they?

Apparently not:

PS I wonder how much the City of Dallas charges to let filmmakers take over Dealey Plaza? I bet they’re sick of Kennedy movies.

Theres several great shots of Dealey….. did they fly a drone over the real Dealey and add period cars and such? Add the Hertz sign back onto the book depository? Or was it all CGI?

Whether you’re a conspiracy theorist or lone gunman believer….. you’ll get a kick out of seeing 1963 Dallas in full color.

Animated Music Videos

Some Animated music videos I have made. Created with Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects and some 3D.

“Dem Bunions” by Brutha Magnum and The Razor Bumps

“Bored In L.A.” by Maids Day Off ( Brandon Caro and Jordan Tanner). Made in Adobe After Effects with elements made in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash.

This was made by me and two other people (Joel Wattsand Jason Naylor) as a semester long project at Austin Community College in 2013. I didn’t do the 3D, I did the 2D comic book motion comic editing.