Vader fan film




A wonderfully done piece of independent film making. Digital “film” that looks a lot like film.  Expertly done 3D models and animation.  A magnificent fan film

Never Monetized it was Fan Funded.

The Director was Danny Ramirez his email is –

Written by
Nikolaj Wejp-Olsen , Danny Ramirez , Star Wars Theory

Based on George Lucas’s stories and characters.

Produced by
Ian McClellan
Brandon Hall

Executive Producer Star Wars Theory

Director of Photography Mattew Halla

Production Designer Michael Miller

Film Editor Danny Ramirez
Music by Jacob A. Cadmus
Additional Music by J Scott Rakozy
Original Star Wars Music by John Williams
Costume Designer Robert Merkel
Hair and Makeup Designer Dre Lamparello

Lead Visual Effects Supervisor Philip Bastian
CG Supervisor Gaetan Lancelle
Visual Effects Coordinator Jack Millard
3D Supervisor Stefan Mensen
Lead 3D Artist Ruben Brouns
Lead 2D Visual Effects Artist Magnus Edlund
Compositing Supervisor Tim Forsgren

A Punk Riot Production

1st Assistant Directors Savanah Satler
Lee Goffin-Bonenfant
2nd Assistant Directors Sharon Park
Melissa Kyle
Art Director Austin Bennett

Stunts Rigger Beni Alexander
Stunts Safety Jeff Karr

Choreography and Strategic Consultant Robert Kolterman

Concept and Storyboard Artist Ben Judd

Set Dressers
Robert McDermott
Erin Lunsford

Assistant Costume Designer Victoria Moreno

Makeup Artist Blake Hunter Jassenoff

Supervising Sound Editor Juan Pablo Naranjo

Sound Designers Andrés Adalid
Ramiro Galván
Lissú Pineda

Re-Recording Mixers Andrés Adalid
Ramiro Galván
Juan Pablo Naranjo
Lissú Pineda
Jimmy Santiago

Additional Dialogue Cleanup Mike Chadbourne

Cameraman Matthew Halla

1st AC Jorge Gomez
2nd AC Heather Flynn

Rob Padilla,   Gia Barot  Alex Yoo
Key Grip

Kenrick Usher, Kyle Thor, Joe Baltazar, Gabriel Sandoval, Yoann Cifuentes, Will Baltazar

Tory McCulley
Jesus Zapata
Production Sound Mixer

Longwei Deng
Erin Han

Props Zack Farrens at Jurassic Zack
Josh Howe at Multiverse Props
Construction Lead Carlos Flores
Construction Lead Erik Morales
Set Construction Sebastian Schrills
Michael Solomon
Jamie Spies
Kyle Wahaus
Victor Viceteño
Production Assistant Keeley James
Production Assistant Alexie Hovis
Assistant Editor Hammad Hassan
Colorist Harry Locke IV
End Credits by Albin Brogren
Catering IT Catering
Studio Teacher Stella Pacific
Insurance Ryan Connelly Web Master
Special Guest Director Luke Ramirez
Special Director’s Thanks to Hannah Ramirez
Special Thanks Steven Ramirez
Simon Crane
Deysy Rodriguez
David Rodgriguez


Behind the Scenes Im Joong Kim
BTS Interviewer Olivia Blue
Additional Thanks

Kiefer Jenkins

Madilyn Clark Studios
Tucker Dansie

Edited on Avid
Shot on Arri Alexa


Recent Commercial Video work:

Some recent video projects I shot and edited:

Doctor Cortney Baker, Executive Leadership Specialist


“Blanche” for 
Shot with a Canon DSLR and edited with Adobe Premiere and Photoshop/After Effects.
Music promoted by Audio Library –––

Ray Tomasits, the Hill Country Bass Coach, displays his bass fishing skills.

Shot with a Canon DSLR and Canon G20 camera with a Go Pro 4 in a waterproof case on a monopod.


Fridge Pal Infomercial


I shot and edited this infomercial/ promo video for a refrigerator accessory company out of Dallas, Texas..

Shot on a BlackMagic 4K Camera and edited with Adobe Premiere and Adobe Photoshop/ After Effects. Extensive rotoscoping done  in Adobe Photoshop.

3D box by crafted Theodore Horrocks.




The video script was written by the client:


I’ve been in your fridge since you went grocery shopping five days ago and it’s already starting to smell.

With your rotten mushy Tomatoes, rancid broccoli and moldy strawberries.

Did I mention I’ve been in here for five whole days.

There’s nothing worse than having to throw away your food too early
and the hundreds of dollars that go with it

So grab your money and those kiddos
Let’s try and fit in more time in our already busy schedule and head back to the grocery store.

What can be done about wasting your time money and food.
let me show you with this clever little 100% natural filter fridge l–e.

It has the ability to keep your meat poultry and dairy nutrient-rich and your fruits and vegetables fresher and firmer

doubling the self life of all your refrigerated food

how does it work?
Fridge l—‘s unique natural mineral is designed by nature to create the perfect balance in your
fridge by capturing the moisture if the humidity is too high, and releases moisture if the air is too dry.

At the same time it absorbs those damaging ethylene gases and nasty odors drying up that ugly dirty mold mildew and bad

In addition to fridge l–e’s amazing abilities, you can rely on your fridge working more efficiently to ensure savings month after month.
Just place fridge life in your crisper on a shelf or simply peel the adhesive strip off the back and attach it anywhere

inside your fridge keeping your body healthy with fresher food and lasting longer which drastically cuts down on
your food waste.
What will you do with all your extra savings?

Invite Bob over for fresh fruit smoothie.

He makes them just the way I like them, with two hearty grapefruit and one big banana.

That’s right Bob, just the way I like it.

Go ahead. Be a Fridge L–e person.

All you have to do is keep doing is putting delicious food inside your fridge then sit back relax and fridge l–e will take care of the rest.


Music by: Adam Vitovský


Fridge Movie Screen

Fridge Movie Screen test

Blackmagic Video footage exported out of After Effects into a stack of Photoshop files.

I went into Adobe Photoshop and did Script >Load into Stack.

Then I cut put the background. The fridge is an isolated layer, the movie screen  is three layers.

The girl is rotoscoped with the pen tool, the lasso tool and the box/rectangle tools.

I reassembled the tall stack of photoshop files.  The girl is a precomp.

Room mate ad East Austin

$500 Room in a House $500 month (Austin)   

Have your own private room in a house on the east side (Montopolis) area.
The house is about 2 blocks from the old Montopolis bridge.$500 month

3 Adult men live there now. 2 of them are over 50. You would be the fourth.

2 of the men smoke cigarettes. You would share a bathroom, living room and laundry room.

Park your car on the street.

We would prefer someone with a steady job who can pay 2 months rent up front. Of course we would also prefer someone with no history of violence/mental problems.

email me at mattkproweddings2 at yahoo dot com
Include your name and phone number in your email so we can be sure its not a scam. Tell us a bit about yourself….
If you do not include your full name and a working phone number in your email we shall assume the email is a scam.