DeForest Kelley – A Tribute

DeForest Kelley – A Tribute






The Hollowmen Live in Concert

The Hollowmen Live in Concert


The Hollowmen opened up for SONS OF TEXAS, on July 1st, 2019, at the ROCKBOX in San Antonio.
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Star Trek TMP, Positive Review


A rare, positive review of the successful at the time but badly remembered 1979 Star Trek revivial… Star Trek The Motion Picture.

I liked how powerful, serious and “BIG” the energy int he first Star Trek film, but I thought, then and now, it didnt pay enough attention to character interplay.  That line at the end , that apparently Nimoy ad-libbed…. “If Dr. McCoy is staying then my presence here is imperative” was brilliant…  it needed more of that.

On the flip side, the complete opposite of the first movie is the fourth:  “The Voyage Home”  That is nothing BUT character interaction and has a sense of humor that TMP had NONE of. But part 4 also didn’t have any of the sense of epic cinema that the 1979 film had.  “The Voyage Home” is the Star Trekmovie for people that don;t like STar Trek/ Just a cursory knowledge of Kirk, Spock and The Starship Enterprise ( which even Trek haters had) is all one needs to enjoy the lighthearted comedic romp that is “The Voyage Home”  While “Star Trek The Motion Picture” can be one of the most confusing movies ever. But isnt that the whole point of Star Trek? That its challenging as well as entertaining? And doesn’t it have a reputation of only appealing to “nerds” ( ie smart people) as opposed to regular, (dumb) entertainment?







Don’t Feed The Birds live music video

Don’t Feed The Birds are a San Antonio rock band that opened for “Sons of Texas” at the RockBox on June 1st, 2019.


This is some live video shot of their performance.

Alzheimers rock and comedy benefit

Alzheimers rock and comedy benefit


Fitzgeralds Kicks Alz In the Ballz – Rockin Comedy For A Cause II

Saturday, June 22, 2019 at 7 PM

Fitzgerald’s Bar & Live Music Venue

437 McCarty Suite 101, San Antonio, Texas 78216

Downfall 2012

Get some Rock and Comedy at Fitzgeralds for a good cause as we kick alz in the balls!

On Saturday June 22 at 7pm SEE San Antonios funniest comedians followed by the hard rockin sounds of DOWNFALL 2012!

With local favorites Odd Fellas Konviction, and Neverfield

And stick around for the headbanging after party with Odd Fellas.

Prizes, Concert tickets, and one of a kind rockin band merch to be raffled off.

Advance tickets are only 10 dollars, available online at event brite or at Herbs and Flipside!

Proceeds benefit The Alzheimers Association.

Presented by Fitzgeralds, texas revolution, Kaptures entertainment and Everything Rosie’s A Chuckle Comedy Shows


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