YouTube Search question

A YouTube book trailer I created for a client doesn’t show up on YouTube searches for its title.

The book trailer has the title “Jailed For Kennedy” When I do a YouTube search on the words “Jailed For Kennedy” everything BUT our video shows up.

“Jailed For Kennedy” is in the main title, description, and several variations of “Jailed For Kennedy” are in the tags.

It has been up for two weeks. I had posted posted several rough cuts/ early versions of the video on youtube before we posted the final version.

I took the rough cuts down ( and made one UNLISTED)

My rough cuts used to show up on searches, but they don’t now that I’ve taken them down.

But our new/ final version doesn’t show up in any searches.

What would you do to get a video to show up in searches?


Do you think an old LP record with a 1967 speech by an author (criticizing the JFK ) Warren Report is copyrighted? I would love to use this audio in a documentary I am making….

I don’t want to use the whole, just a few snippets. I have heard that one can use up to 7 seconds of a copyrighted movie for purposes for “critique or review.” Are there any rules/laws/precedents about spoken word albums?

Glo Geeks Valentines Spot

Glo Geeks Valentines Spot

It would be great to have Valentines lights on your house, but who wants to hang up new lights for every holiday?
Why cant somebody invent lights that get put up once that we can change for every new event!?!?
GLO GEEKS will will install permanent year round multi colored lighting that you can alter via your phone!
Contact Glo Geeks today so we can light up your house or business!

Created with Sony Camera footage and motion graphics created with Adobe Photoshop and animated with Adobe After Effects.

Book Trailers

I can help promote your book by combining animated graphics, video and music into an exciting book trailer.

Most of this was created using Adobe Photoshop and After Effects, with some Flash/Animate work.

Here are some samples of what I do:

Book Trailer for “I was a Teenage Conspiracy Freak” by Fred Litwin:

Book Trailer for “On the Trail of Delusion,” By Fred Litwin.

Book Trailer for Fred Litwins third book on JFK assassination conspiracy theories, “Film Flam. Oliver Stone the demagogue of Dealey Plaza”

Book Trailer for “Jailed For Kennedy” by Fred Nicholas Ciacelli.

Wow! Am I sensing a pattern here? This is a non JFK related book I promoted!

Book trailer for “Winnie and Thunderrose “Book Trailer” by Herman Franck

I moved the images around with Photoshop and After Effects but I did not do the original pencil artwork.

A demo/Spec piece for a new book “The Oswalds” By Paul R. Gregory. (NOT officially authorized).

The Oswalds, Book Trailer

This is a “Proof Of Concept” and / or demo book trailer for a new book.

This is unofficial. I made this “on spec,” neither the book author nor the book publisher authorized this video.

I made this to show some people what I can do- and to maybe interest them in having me make a trailer for them.

Made with Adobe Photoshop and After Effects.

LBJ saved Jewish Families?!?!?

I just to the San Antonio Holocaust Museum.

They had a whole exhibit on how younger Lyndon B Johnson saved some Jewish families that he knew ( proven).
and that he tried to save a lot more (unconfirmed).
I’d never heard this before. Had you? You would think a Politician would boast about his/ use it to get votes.
But maybe such a thing would hurt an allegedly good old boy Texans rep???