Pro Wrestling Motion Graphics

I created these pro wrestling themed motion graphics with Adobe Photoshop and After Effects:

I didn’t design the “Wrestle Circus” logo, the client did. These are not finished pieces, I crafted them and then the client used them in a larger project.

Some other sports themed motion graphics:

To Whom It May. Dec 4th @Fitzgeralds

To Whom It May. Dec 4th @Fitzgeralds Bar and Live Music Venue

Join us for Texas Revolution’s third anniversary celebration with headliner To Whom It May!

Featuring Minister Fiend

with Special Guests Hanna Barakat, Muse Relapse, We Inertia, and Modern.

Pre-show tickets are $10 from the supporting acts, Fitzgerald’s, Herb’s Hut, or our online ticket .Door tickets will be $15.18+ show. Minors 18-20 will pay a $5 surcharge at the door directly to the venue. 

Goal Post Time Lapses

I shot this footage with the time lapse feature on my iPhone. I made sure I used an iPhone tripod.

This was shot at the football field at Mathis High School in Mathis, Texas.

Even though I shot this is “time lapse” mode, it still wasn’t moving fast enough for me, so I adjusted the time stretch in Adobe after effects, and used adjustment layers to add contrast and desaturated color.