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Circuit Board Animation


I was trying to (re) create something like:


but so far I got:

I’ll keep working on it


Circuit Board animation test, drawn in flash (adobe animate) and composited in adobe after effects # adobe animate, #adobe animate, # adobe after effects, #animation, #motion graphics, #circuit board, #electronics, #computer

Adobe Flash and After Effects: Sea Harbor animation Scene

Sea Harbor animation Scene


Sea Harbor bass boat animation Scene drawn in Adobe Animate ( Animate Flash) and composited in Adobe After Effects.


The elements were drawn in Adobe Animate ( formerly known as Flash) and then layered in After Effects.

I copied and isolated the sun within its own layer. I then added an orange solid layer underneath the sun. I drew an ellipse around it. Then I added large amounts of radial blur onto it to make the sun “beam”.

This will later be turned into a TV commercial for Artex Funding.


R. Family Medical Group logo



R. Family Medical Group logo, Adobe Animate ( flash) https://www.rfamilymedicalgroup.com/


R. Family Medical Group, San Antonio

9811 Huebner Rd., Bldg. 2,

San Antonio, TX 78240

Phone: (210) 561-8169

Fax: (210) 561-8178