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Real Lawyer Reacts to A Time To Kill


Real Lawyer Reacts to A Time To Kill

This a great video with a lot of insightful points. I did research on the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) for a documentary on a murder that I (THOUGHT) was committed by the Klan ( but it probably wasn’t).

I did a lot of research into the Klan and their beliefs ( I am NOT a supremacist but I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion …)

According to the Klan members I spoke with, the Klan as presented in this movie are very inaccurate.

According to THEM they would never admit those 2 white guys who raped a black girl. They say they would never admit anyone who had CONSENSUAL relations with an African American person, much less rape, much less rape of an underage girl.

Those 2 characters never showed any sympathy for white supremacist beliefs, yet would want to immediately be made members, and have the klan stick up for their right to violate KKK rules.



Fyre Fest 2.0

Ja Rule wants to ANOTHER Fyre Fest?!?!?!?!?

If I were Ja Rule I would never directly associate my name with another festival ever again, and would certainly NEVER use the word “fyre fest”….

…then again the ginourmous BALLS it would take for them to try THAT again would SEEM to indicate they’ve learned from their mistakes, hired more competent people and made sure they can deliver what they promised…….

You would THINK!

That Netflix documentary laid ALL of the blame on that ONE guy,

altho dozens of people around him HAD to know what a farce it all was. if it were me, I would make arrangements with a local hotel, only sell the exact amount of tickets that I have rooms for….. etc… We can assume Ja Rule and his people are doing that….

I think more than half of the people attending would be those owed refunds from last time. They wouldn’t make any money until part 3.  IF they pull this off the right way…. God bless ’em!


For anybody who didn’t know:

Fyre Fest was SUPPOSED to be Woodstock for wealthy people.

Fancy accommodations and gourmet food. Approximately 4 THOUSAND DOLLARS a ticket!

But it was so poorly planned and executed, it turns out the mudbath of the 1969 original had better accommodations.


One of the problems with the movie JFK

This is one of, if not THE most important scenes in the Oliver Stones movie JFK.



Oliver Stone and most of you watching this movie scene are forgetting one thing. Kennedy and Connelly were NOT sitting at the same level.

Kennedys seat was several inches higher. The whole point of a presidential limousine is for the President to be SEEN. Im not saying this proves or disproves a conspiracy. And the single bullet theory is difficult to swallow. But this scene is misleading.

Proof of Jim Jones Blasphemy

Old video footage from the 1970s where the “Revered” Jim Jones doesn’t just claim to be a servant of God, or to have a message from God… but that

He IS God


here is a very rough transcript of his sermon;

1st Lady says that Jim Jones healed her child.

2:42 the second woman woman says that Jim Jones made her husbands business take off and that Jones somehow made her cars gas tank fill up on its own!

3:00 she says she has stopped worshipping a “Sky God” but now instead she loves “Father” ( Jones).

( A youtube commenter makes the intriguing but un-provable statement that ” I believe that second speaker is Deanna Mertle (aka Jeannie Mills), who defected in 1976 and was mysteriously murdered, along with her husband and one of their children, 4 years later.”

Who murdered Al and Jeannie Mills?


we want no help from some judgements

now we are looking for the key that is in every heart and breast

and I am the key on the Earth. I got the key from the Earth

14:36 now that’s my only purpose in being here

when that transition comes there shall be no need for Gods or any other kind of ideology

ritual tradition old religion.  The opiate of the people shall be removed

? should be removed from the consciousness

14:52 should no longer have the need for anything religious

no need for concerns about tomorrows because every day will be heaven.

15 05 we will have the heaven that we have been taught

that we might be able to shine someones shoes in the throne room

but we shall have freedom right here now

15 20 but in the meantime I come in the phenomenon of religion to get people out of religion

I have come to make one final dissolution

one final elimination

of all religious fever

eradicate it from the face of the earth

15:53  I shall do all miracles that you said

I shall come and heal all the diseases that you pray for that never happened

I gave her a message that saved her childs life.


You see all the gifts of   ? moved down the aisle I told her I command

not only did she walk but she ran around

all that done so that I could command all saviour images

16”39 that there is no God but

16 5 1 God is perfect freedom, justice, equality

the only that that brings perfect freedom, justice equality in all its beauty   all that is holiness is Socialism

17:10 in this dispensation I have taken up only my self a  body the same one

17:13  and walked in the flames on an re and as Solomon said his hair is as black as a Raven

and as Isaiah said 7:20   Im not shaving with a razor

socialism will have no further need to have any intrusions into the affairs of man

mean are so dastardly   what my spirit is

it is necessary for me to become the same and I,

(17:55) I shall show you from time to time proofs of that

and you shall have no further need of religion

because the highest authority

already tells you that you have no further need of it

I have come to do all the things you have ever imagined God to do and never seen done.

you have seen anyone resurrected before your eyes and yet you have seen me do it repeatedly.

29.34 you have never seen anyone shot down as i was before your eyes, with blood spurting from the body,  and healed themselves , and yet I the socialist worker did that.

18:32 Its beautiful to know God is a socialist worker. You can Identify with that.

God is a socialist worker.

As one of the people.

Its an instrument of all that you desire.

all the freedom of races

everything that is sensitive of violence, that is what your God is.

And I just say it is a great effort to me,

19:04 in the meantime I shall be god.

and by this I mean


23:39 atmosphereic detetcion


when it comes to hatred I pass that

it onlyu boomerangs


all races surely

economic equality

the world is beginning to say the rich have had it too easy


where people were starving now they are fed

no drugs no dehabilitation from alcohol

as a common practice from using drugs

if it can work from a 3 dimensional scope


the only one who youve seen turn water into wine

28:52 its a false god and Ill nose that god out

but if you’re holding onto that “Sky God”  Ill nose you ten licks at a time