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Soul Tone Live Concert Video

Soul Tone Live Concert Video

Shot live at the LOVE GOAT bar, Austin, Texas. Sat, Jan 26, 2019.

Jonathan galvez-bassist

Josh Garcia-drummer

Erik Galloway- Sax/vocals/keys

Vincent Lily- trumpet

Cory Green-guitar

Sierra Boudoin-Singer

Cody Hoopengardner-guitar


Shot with a Canon G20 and a Canon T3I.

Edited in Adobe Premiere at mattkprovideo studios.

Executive Produced by Cody Hoopengardner.

Shot and edited by Matthew Kordelski


Music Video in a White Room


A music video shot in the ubiquitous “White Room”  at Alamo City Studios in San Antonio, Texas.


The song is “Beautiful” by Malibu Cannibals.

Cool LAIKA commercial


This youtube commercial played before a video I wanted to see.

Normally, this annoys me.

But the “behind the scenes” footage of the making of the stop motion movie  CORALINE was fascinating to me.

I did a youtube search on some of the words used in this video until I found the Laika / 3D printer commercial.

The did SOME sculpting, but most of the replacement faces were done with a 3D printer.


I love seeing the odd but brilliant ways they made the stop motion animation.

Mixing old tech hand moved stop animation and modern film technology.



Defense of 24 FPS Cinema


A Defense of 24 FPS and Why It’s Here to Stay for Cinema


John Hess shares his thoughts on 24 frames per second for film making and video production.

Rare Old HD Special Effects And Action Scenes

At 1.28 that looks pretty real. I am assuming / hoping its a camera on dolly track and someone tugs it on a robe at the last second. I think the footage is speeded up.

2.40  I think thats Hitchcock’s STRANGERS ON A TRAIN

Strangers on a Train (film)

I 3.22 we see the words “dan marruffo ”

I googled “dan marruffo  race car movie”

and found :

The Dan Marruffo footage is 2 minutes in….  I suppose thats documentary / newsreel footage of a real race.


I’ll keep searching and keep you posted.

Christopher Robin (2018) Review

I just saw the new Winnie the Pooh movie. Oops I mean “Christopher Robin”.

When I first saw the Trailer

I thought it was the Disney Corp trying to cash in on the critically acclaimed:


Goodbye Christopher Robin (2017)

And now that I’ve seen it…. I still kind of think that.

I enjoyed parts of it. Its technically amazing. HOW did they make those animals move? Puppetry? Advanced CGI? Or… most likely… a combination of all of them?

The characters were a clever hybrid of the original storyboard drawings and Disney cartoon models.

The real Christopher Robin:

Ewan McGregors a great actor, but this guy looks more the part:

The story is a bit remiscent of Spielbergs HOOK . The work a holic dad who cant find time to be with his family.

It also reminded me a bit of DREAM CHILD, TED, and the Harry Potters…

WHO was this movie for? Small children? Jaded Adults?

And THIS “Christopher Robin” has almost NO connection to what I know of the real one ( and I’m not even that much a Pooh buff).

If they can use the “magic tree” to teleport from London to the hundred Acre wood, why couldn’t they use it to transport back?

It has marvellous moments, but the ending was bit too much “Disney Ex Machina”

Bail Organas Death Star

According to ROGUE ONE, Bail Organa was on Yavin 4 when his home Planet ( Alderaan) was blown up by the Death Star. And R2D2 has ( had) a copy of the Death Star plans in his memory. So maybe a really elderly Bail Organa could be alive in a sequel and he could build himself some kind of Rebel Death Star? Yes, he said he was going home, but maybe he didn’t make in in time.