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COUNTDOWN horror film

I Saw ‘Countdown” it got terrible reviews. Well its not terrible, its just a “by the numbers” horror movie, the scary parts indistinguishable from a dozen other similar mediocre horror movies.


The general premise is somewhat clever and new. Some young people download an app that will tell you when you’re going to die.


The opening scene is an annoyingly typical contemporary horror scene: a beer party of mutantly good looking teenagers……


One refreshing thing is that in the next thing it has a somewhat positive lesson about teen drinking and drunk driving (a teen girl refused to ride with her drunk boyfriend)…
Then something else refreshingly different happens.


We meet the lead character, a young woman, ( NOT a high schooler or college student… but presumably around 21 years old,) has just finished her nursing certification.
In a lot of horror movies, especially older ones, the women are screaming weakling victims… targets of violence or waiting for a man to save them.


This young woman is smart and strong willed.

Not to spoil the ending too much… but she defeats the bad guy not by luck, not by being saved by a man, but she uses her scientific nursing training to outwit the evil force.

Theres what we might think is a throwaway scene of her saving someone with a certain medical technique. Then an almost identical technique is used at the end of the movie.

Set up… Pay off…

Again, this isn’t a great movie, or even a really good one. But this aspect of it, the smart women using her brains to resolve the situation…. seems to be a refreshing move in the right direction.

Any of you females seen it? Thoughts?

R.I.P. Robert Evans


 June 29, 1930 – October 26, 2019

Good looking and successful movie producer of The GodFather and many other great films.



Dolemite is my name!

Good movie, a little too similar in structure to ” Ed Wood” (same writers) and Eddie Murphy is great, but doesn’t really “become” Rudy Ray Moore like I thought he would.
You could barely tell it was the same actor playing all the Klumps in ( The Nutty Professor. The RRM character in this movie sounds like…. Eddie Murphy doing Rudy Ray Moore routines… instead of it sounding like …. Rudy Ray Moore routines.


Eddie Murphy talks really fast while Moore had a very rehearsed feel to his speech pattern.


It doesn’t shy away from the fact that Dolemite was trash.. Uproariously entertaining and exploitative trash….


(Spoilers) Was Durville Martin really that much of a snob? If so, why was he brought back for the sequels?


Did Moore really not catch on that most of his film was being laughed AT in the wrong way? Sure its ok for the audience to laugh at the deliberate jokes, but seeing “Dolemite” movies both on VHS and midnight screenings at the original Alamo Drafthouse ( in the late 90s) the films gets laughed at when its supposed to be serious… the god awfully fake kung fu scenes…. etc..


I can remember reading how some Black writers were annoyed at how popular many blaxploitation flicks became on VHS in the late 90s. Someone wrote ( “its a voyeuristic look at the absolute worst aspects of Black culture”). Maybe it bothered them that once again white kids found “their” hidden treasure.


Ive often heard that when the Rudy Ray Moore movies were, the whole plan was to see them stoned…. they just weren’t that good straight…


For those of you who didn’t know, Rudy Ray Moore was like the Black Ed Wood of the 70s’, or… later on… Tommy Wiseau.


Moore’s movies weren’t as technically incompetent as Ed Woods, but they were just as cluelessly self indulgent.


He was a guy who wanted to be the star of a movie so he made his own way in. He wanted to be a sex symbol in a movie, so he wrote himself as one… ( even though he is quite up to that level).


He wanted to be an action star…. but his fighting skills were laughably/atrociously feeble. BUT, it must be said, Rudy Ray Moores movies were NEVER ever boring. At their worst, that are goofily laughable and never reach the train wreck heights ( depths) of say… The Rooms tuxedo football scene.


I’ll have to watch it again. I suspect there are Easter eggs and cameos I didn’t catch? Who played the wino and his trash can campfire crew?


I wonder if they were tied to the real Dolemite? Did the owner of the white Cadillac really not know they were going to blow it up? And I highly suspect the “ passing of the cane” at the end never happened ( or.. did it? who knows.. I suspect someone is going to call me out on it)

Making of Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein


Making of Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein

Bud Abbot as Chick,  Lou Costello as Wilbur.

Lon Chaney, Jr. as Lawrence Talbott ( The Wolfman).   Bela Lugosi as Dracula.

Glenn Strange as Frankensteins Monster.






Muppet Verse?


Random Sesame Street thought(s)

We can assume that The Sesame Street characters and The Muppet Show characters live in a shared universe. After All, Kermit the Frog is in both right? And they were both (co) created by Jim Henson, right?
Big Big showed up on The Muppet show in the 70’s.

Did any of the other Sesame Street characters show up on the 70s Muppet Show? Did they show up on any of the other later Muppet TV Shows? I know Big Bird has a cameo in the first MUPPET MOVIE:

And (almost) all of the Sesame Street muppets show up in the wedding scene of “THE MUPPETS TAKE MANHATTAN.” ( 1984)

And there is the marvellous “Muppet Family Christmas” ( 1987) With most of the muppet characters interacting with Sesame Street Characters and the Fraggles!

But here is a thought that is buzzing around my head:
I’ve always assume that the Muppet Theater is supposed to be somewhere in New York City. They never said that, I just assumed its in some weird off Broadway theater where vaudeville never died. And its NOT a TV show to THEM…. its a live weekly vaudeville show….. we never see TV cameras in the Muppet theater do we? They maybe did that on later versions of the Muppets but that wasn’t in the 70s original was it?
If they’re in a shared universe, theoretically Miss Piggy could leave the Muppet theater and walk down to Sesame Street and get something at Hoopers Store…. and interact with the other Sesame Street denizens, right?
On the Muppet Show Miss Piggy says to Big Bird : “Aren’t you on that cute childrens show with the puppets?”
So that means that within the world of the Muppet Show, Sesame Street is NOT REAL but it’s just a TV Show and Big Big is just an Actor on the show. So perhaps Miss Piggy could travel to the TV studio where they shoot the show, but its not real.
And in the Muppet Movie, Big Bird tells Fozzy Bear ” I’m going to New York City to try and break into Public Television!” So again, this shows that Big Bird is an ACTOR on a SHOW called Sesame Street, The Street itself isn’t real to the Muppets.
Which brings up other thoughts….
On the original Sesame Street that I grew up on in the 1970’s …. Kermit the Frog was not ON Sesame Street. He was a TV newscaster in skits on almost every episode… but he was never ON the street was he? Did we ever see Kermit talk to Big Bird, Oscar, the Humans or any other characters? The same with Grover, Bert & Ernie and the Count. Grover was only seen in the restaurant with the rude customer and sometimes with children. Bert & Ernie were only ever seen in their apartment…. we never saw them outside it did they?

The Count was only ever seen in the room of his castle, never ON the actual Sesame Street was he?
I saw them all together in the movie “Elmo in Grouchland” but that’s not the same as seeing them on the show. Do they show them all together on the TV show now?

And then theres THIS, proving that Sesame Street is in the Star Wars Universe:
RD-D2 and C 3PO visit Sesame Street.






Elmo in Grouchland  on imdb.

Muppet Family Christmas   on imdb.



Movie Hanging Execution


Movie Hanging Execution

How to do a fake hanging for a low budget film.

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CHUCK movie review


I just watched the movie “Chuck”



I had heard for years there was a low end boxer who kept claiming he was the REAL “ Rocky”.

Sounded like a wanna bee trying to leech off of Stallone.  The Rocky story was similar to MANY aspiring and or over the hill boxers.

After I saw this movie, I think that Stallone HAD to be at least partially inspired by the Wepner story.

Wepners fight happened right before Stallone started writing the ROCKY script.

An over the hill washed up low end local boxer gets picked the go against the national heavy weight champ in an exhibition match.

Rocky/Chuck goes against Appollo Creed / Muhammed Ali and goes the distance…. doesn’t win but lasts longer than anybody thought he would. And the way Rocky grabs the ropes at the end of the fight is IDENTICAL to the real Wepner -Ali fight.

The actor playing Ali doesn’t really look like him too much but does the voice well.  Will Smith was the WEIRDEST choice to play Ali in that other movie….. but who else has the charm to sell Alis trash talking and taunting poems  like Will Smith (and Apparently Smiths body was worked into an exact replica of Ali’s definitions).  I think the closest replica of Muhammad Ali was the actor who appears Ali in a brief shot in the Denzel Washington movie “American Gangster”


You see all those perfectly sculpted bodies on movie boxers that its odd when you see that real boxers usually have mass not definition:

The cleverest thing was that they used a lot of 1970s newsreel and stock footage, and then shot the actors scene in a style that looks like 1970s documentary film. You’d almost think a 70s news crew shot the movie.

An interesting story but I was really let down by the ending.  It ends with the “hot waitress” he’s been listing after the whole movie getting with him. I didn’t get what she saw in him. I would have liked to have seen him make amends to the ex wife and daughter and brother he was mistreating the whole movie.