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Innocent Bystanders XFer

Rough transfer of a VHS copy of a 16mm film

“Innocent Bystanders.” This is a 16mm film I made in college (Glassboro State College, now known as Rowan University). Shot in 1991. This is simply a VHS video camcorder pointed at a flat-bed steenbeck film editing screen. I re-edited the VHS on an Amiga Toaster around 1992.

I recently (2021) transferred the VHS to digital. I am hoping to do a 4K restoration soon.

Music by Kahlil Gunther

Written, produced, directed and edited by Matthew Kordelski.


Laura Fonseca, Matt Reece, Dan Greenspan and George Jordan.

Production Assistants: Randall Deckard, John Perupchuck, Adam Paul, Jennifer Wiggleworth, R.J. Chester, Fred Feltz.

Film Advisor: Dr Joseph Bierman

Thanks to:

Dr Richard Grupenhoff, Cinema Workshop, Chris McDonough, Amy Donchey, Dennis Courtney, RITZ AT THE BOURSE Parking Garage, Ned Eckhardt, Rohn Wenner, Christopher Kuberiet.



TREES, film



I did not make this.

This is an independent film/student film produced and directed by Laura Jean Carney in 1992.

I had a very small part of the crew in some scenes and I did the end credits on this amazing new invention called a Macintosh Computer.

Actors: Patty Gilson and Andrew Nelson,

Musical score  by Andrew Nelson. Written and directed by Laura Carney.

Director of Photography: Maylon Price.

1st Assistant Camera: John Donaldson

2nd Assistant Camera: Bob Haines and Bill Paulino

Sound: Scott Hennely and April Carty

Production Manager: Christie Mahon

Teacher/Advisor: Joe Bierman

Title Graphics: Matt Kordelski

SPECIAL THANKS: Dennis Courtney, Sean O Leary, Mario Giorno, Blake Johnson, Joseph Marcello, Stephen Kwasnik,  Amy Alexander, Ken Mandel, Walter Thomas IV, Dawn Cerruto, H. Sid Narulto, Dr. Richard Grupenhoff-PHD, NFL Films, Glassboro State College Cinema Workshop.

Copyright 1992.





Muppet Verse?


Random Sesame Street thought(s)

We can assume that The Sesame Street characters and The Muppet Show characters live in a shared universe. After All, Kermit the Frog is in both right? And they were both (co) created by Jim Henson, right?
Big Big showed up on The Muppet show in the 70’s.

Did any of the other Sesame Street characters show up on the 70s Muppet Show? Did they show up on any of the other later Muppet TV Shows? I know Big Bird has a cameo in the first MUPPET MOVIE:

And (almost) all of the Sesame Street muppets show up in the wedding scene of “THE MUPPETS TAKE MANHATTAN.” ( 1984)

And there is the marvellous “Muppet Family Christmas” ( 1987) With most of the muppet characters interacting with Sesame Street Characters and the Fraggles!

But here is a thought that is buzzing around my head:
I’ve always assume that the Muppet Theater is supposed to be somewhere in New York City. They never said that, I just assumed its in some weird off Broadway theater where vaudeville never died. And its NOT a TV show to THEM…. its a live weekly vaudeville show….. we never see TV cameras in the Muppet theater do we? They maybe did that on later versions of the Muppets but that wasn’t in the 70s original was it?
If they’re in a shared universe, theoretically Miss Piggy could leave the Muppet theater and walk down to Sesame Street and get something at Hoopers Store…. and interact with the other Sesame Street denizens, right?
On the Muppet Show Miss Piggy says to Big Bird : “Aren’t you on that cute childrens show with the puppets?”
So that means that within the world of the Muppet Show, Sesame Street is NOT REAL but it’s just a TV Show and Big Big is just an Actor on the show. So perhaps Miss Piggy could travel to the TV studio where they shoot the show, but its not real.
And in the Muppet Movie, Big Bird tells Fozzy Bear ” I’m going to New York City to try and break into Public Television!” So again, this shows that Big Bird is an ACTOR on a SHOW called Sesame Street, The Street itself isn’t real to the Muppets.
Which brings up other thoughts….
On the original Sesame Street that I grew up on in the 1970’s …. Kermit the Frog was not ON Sesame Street. He was a TV newscaster in skits on almost every episode… but he was never ON the street was he? Did we ever see Kermit talk to Big Bird, Oscar, the Humans or any other characters? The same with Grover, Bert & Ernie and the Count. Grover was only seen in the restaurant with the rude customer and sometimes with children. Bert & Ernie were only ever seen in their apartment…. we never saw them outside it did they?

The Count was only ever seen in the room of his castle, never ON the actual Sesame Street was he?
I saw them all together in the movie “Elmo in Grouchland” but that’s not the same as seeing them on the show. Do they show them all together on the TV show now?

And then theres THIS, proving that Sesame Street is in the Star Wars Universe:
RD-D2 and C 3PO visit Sesame Street.






Elmo in Grouchland  on imdb.

Muppet Family Christmas   on imdb.



Movie Hanging Execution


Movie Hanging Execution

How to do a fake hanging for a low budget film.

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Movie Opening Title Sequence


Movie Opening title sequence I made for the independent film #Rip (2013)


Motion Graphics created with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects.

Directed by

Kevin Machate

Writing Credits

Roanna Flowers


Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe After Effects.

Vader fan film





A wonderfully done piece of independent film making. Digital “film” that looks a lot like film.  Expertly done 3D models and animation.  A magnificent fan film

Never Monetized it was Fan Funded.

The Director was Danny Ramirez his email is  Vaderfanfilm@gmail.com –

Written by
Nikolaj Wejp-Olsen , Danny Ramirez , Star Wars Theory

Based on George Lucas’s stories and characters.

Produced by
Ian McClellan
Brandon Hall

Executive Producer Star Wars Theory

Director of Photography Mattew Halla

Production Designer Michael Miller

Film Editor Danny Ramirez
Music by Jacob A. Cadmus
Additional Music by J Scott Rakozy
Original Star Wars Music by John Williams
Costume Designer Robert Merkel
Hair and Makeup Designer Dre Lamparello

Lead Visual Effects Supervisor Philip Bastian
CG Supervisor Gaetan Lancelle
Visual Effects Coordinator Jack Millard
3D Supervisor Stefan Mensen
Lead 3D Artist Ruben Brouns
Lead 2D Visual Effects Artist Magnus Edlund
Compositing Supervisor Tim Forsgren

A Punk Riot Production

1st Assistant Directors Savanah Satler
Lee Goffin-Bonenfant
2nd Assistant Directors Sharon Park
Melissa Kyle
Art Director Austin Bennett

Stunts Rigger Beni Alexander
Stunts Safety Jeff Karr

Choreography and Strategic Consultant Robert Kolterman

Concept and Storyboard Artist Ben Judd

Set Dressers
Robert McDermott
Erin Lunsford

Assistant Costume Designer Victoria Moreno

Makeup Artist Blake Hunter Jassenoff

Supervising Sound Editor Juan Pablo Naranjo

Sound Designers Andrés Adalid
Ramiro Galván
Lissú Pineda

Re-Recording Mixers Andrés Adalid
Ramiro Galván
Juan Pablo Naranjo
Lissú Pineda
Jimmy Santiago

Additional Dialogue Cleanup Mike Chadbourne

Cameraman Matthew Halla

1st AC Jorge Gomez
2nd AC Heather Flynn

Rob Padilla,   Gia Barot  Alex Yoo
Key Grip

Kenrick Usher, Kyle Thor, Joe Baltazar, Gabriel Sandoval, Yoann Cifuentes, Will Baltazar

Tory McCulley
Jesus Zapata
Production Sound Mixer

Longwei Deng
Erin Han

Props Zack Farrens at Jurassic Zack
Josh Howe at Multiverse Props
Construction Lead Carlos Flores
Construction Lead Erik Morales
Set Construction Sebastian Schrills
Michael Solomon
Jamie Spies
Kyle Wahaus
Victor Viceteño
Production Assistant Keeley James
Production Assistant Alexie Hovis
Assistant Editor Hammad Hassan
Colorist Harry Locke IV
End Credits by Albin Brogren
Catering IT Catering
Studio Teacher Stella Pacific
Insurance Ryan Connelly
StarWarsTheory.com Web Master
Special Guest Director Luke Ramirez
Special Director’s Thanks to Hannah Ramirez
Special Thanks Steven Ramirez
Simon Crane
Deysy Rodriguez
David Rodgriguez


Behind the Scenes Im Joong Kim
BTS Interviewer Olivia Blue
Additional Thanks

Kiefer Jenkins

Madilyn Clark Studios
Tucker Dansie

Edited on Avid
Shot on Arri Alexa

Declarator, Short Film.



This isn’t my film.  I worked on it for director/ editor Andrew McGuire.

I was a set PA and have a brief actors cameo in this film.


 Andrew McGuire made this film.
It features Chris Norris as Thomas Jefferson,
Nick Fulbright plays  the boss,
Joe Call and myself play the  tomb robbers,
Antonio Chicase is the “High tax man,”


Movie Making Merit Badge??!?!?


Where was THIS when I was a Boy Scout?








Maybe I could be a merit badge counsellour for this?!?!



Defense of 24 FPS Cinema



A Defense of 24 FPS and Why It’s Here to Stay for Cinema


John Hess shares his thoughts on 24 frames per second for film making and video production.