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JFK Mock Trial


An Historical Mock Trial:Who Killed JFK?


“We will go back in time.. to in 1980 in Texas”

Ummm shouldn’t you go back in time to 1963???

Whatever else this is it DOES have the best transfer of the Zapruder film I’ve seen on YouTube.

Wizard of Oswald


The Wizard of Oswald: JFK Assassination Documentary (2013) Full

I am a JFK assassination buff, and I lean heavily towards the “Oswald did it, alone” side.
BUT this video has something important at 1 hr and 2 minutes about Oswald being a government agent and his “assignment” to the soviet union.
I can dismiss part of it as just being  part of his Marine Corp “assignment” near Japan and China…..
…is that document faked?

Monsters in the Closet

Monsters in the Closet – A History of LGBT Representation in Horror Cinema




I suppose that perhaps I am a particularly clueless rock headed straight guy, but I was surprised by how much gay subtext this guy found in the old Universal horror movies. Bram Stoker was gay? The gay subtext, or at least that of a misunderstood outsider is clear in “FRANKENSTEIN” and especially in “BRIDE of FRANKENSTEIN” But I never read that message into DRACULA or THE WOLFMAN.

I often thought that the Dracula story was a metaphor for anti semitism or anti immigration ( the scary mysterious stranger from eastern Europe with a spooky accent spreading disease…. he fears the cross…) but I never thought of as a metaphor for being in the closet ( in the coffin???… hmmmm…)




I loved “Rock and Rule” when I saw it on HBO in the 80s….  I didn’t get to see it in the theaters…. apparently no one else did.  Ican remember lots of hype for it on cable, there was a behind the scenes movie show hosted by Leonard Nimoy that ran a “making of” segment for this movie that got me interested in seeing it.

This commentator calls himself some kind of animation historian, but he’s never seen “Heavy Metal”?!?


Here is a startling;y sharp upload of the film.