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Dallas Police or the FBI?

I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with something new and unique to say- or even ask, about the Kennedy assassination that hasn’t been said before.

Every time I post what I think is a new observation, someone points out
“Oh that was covered in so and so’s book decades ago”

Here is my latest attempt to come up with something new…

Conspiracy theorists say that because the FBI took control of JFK’s body, and that the Warren Commission was a National investigation that superceded local Dallas investigations- that THAT proves there was a coverup.

So, the FEDERAL government taking charge stopped the truth from coming out?

If there was no Warren Commission. no FBI involvement in the case, and only the Dallas Police- and perhaps the Texas Rangers- conducted the investigation, what would have been different?

Are there witnesses, documents or physical evidence that the Texas cops could have found that the Warren Commission didn’t?

Couldn’t the Dallas police do almost everything the FBI did? Question witnesses, test fire Oswalds rifle and pistol….etc

Couldn’t the Dallas City Police cover up anything nefarious happening in Dealey Plaza. 10th and Patton, the Texas Theater or the Jail basement just as well, if not better, than the FBI?

The Dallas Police and Texas Rangers have firing ranges of their own, don’t they? They have skilled Detectives of their own, don’t they?

Jack Ruby said he wanted to be taken to Washington DC because he was afraid of something in Dallas.

The CIA, Secret Service and FBI are all headquartered in Washington DC aren’t they? If it was U.S .intelligence forces Ruby feared, how does being moved CLOSER to them protect him?

If the killing of JFK really did originate from the Federal Intelligence agencies, why not let the investigation stay in the hands of the Texas cops?

They could dig and dig forever IN TEXAS and never find anything implicating Federal agencies, could they?

Texas Law enforcement doesn’t have the power to investigate foreign countries like Cuba or Russia.

If the investigation had stayed in the hands of Texas cops, Conspiracy Theorists would say that former Texas Senator Lyndon Johnson was controlling things.

Although I kind of suspect that if Liberal Democrat Lyndon Johnson tried to get the Police and Municipal Government of Ultra conservative Republican dominated Dallas Texas to help him in anything criminal- I don’t think they’d go along with it. I think they would hold a press conference exposing him.

Yes, LBJ had friends and allies in the Texas Senate, but I don’t see what sway he would have held over anyone in Dallas.

If the killing of JFK and subsequent cover up was the work of the CIA and or the FBI, then riddle me this Batman…:

Who decided on the parade route? Someone in the federal government or was it someone in the Dallas government?

Who surrounded the Presidential limousine? Federal agents or local Dallas motorcycle policemen?

Who ran up the knoll? A Federal official or a Dallas cop?

Who was on the railroad bridge? A Federal official or Dallas cops?

Who ran into the Book Depository and saw Oswald on the 2nd floor? A Federal official or a Dallas cop?

Who found the rifle, bullets and paper bag? The Federal Police or Local Dallas Police?

Who was at Tenth and Patton, a Federal Agent or a Dallas Policeman?

Who swarmed the Texas Theater? The Federal Police or Local Dallas Police?

Who arrested Oswald in the theater? The Federal Police or Local Dallas Police?

Was Oswald taken to some kind of a Federal facilty or a Dallas Police facility?

Who arrested the 3 tramps? The Federal Police or Local Dallas Police?

Who conducted the bulk of the initial investigation? Who interviewed witnesses, collected evidence, went to Ruth Paines house, Oswald’s boarding house…. etc ? The FBI or Local Dallas Police?

If the Dallas Police had a hand in any sort of cover up, why didn’t they IMMEDIATELY wheel Kennedy’s body into a locked room and not let the FBI or Secret Service know where he was? If you believe the Feds or the local Police threatened witnesses into changing their stories to conform to the “Oswald Did it- Alone” narrative, why didn’t anyone stop the Parkland Doctors from saying they thought the bullets came from the front?

You’re planning to shoot someone in Dallas, and you’re planning to cover it up, but it doesn’t occur to you that your shooting victim would be taken to the nearest hospital, Parkland?

The Dallas Police were in full force at the Trade Mart, where Kennedy was going to eat lunch. Instead of a complex shooting plot, why not have ONE Dallas cop just slip some poison into JFK’s lunch?

I was a Teenage JFK Conspiracy Freak


A Book Trailer for “I was a Teenage JFK Conspiracy Freak ” by noted Author Fred Litwin.

I did not design the book cover.

I took the book cover and cut it up into Adobe Photoshop layers and animated/composited them in Adobe After Effects.

The music and voice over elements were edited in Adobe Premiere.

Fred Litwin recounts how he became a JFK conspiracy freak at eighteen, and then slowly moved to believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin. This book demonstrates how the left and the right have used the JFK assassination to drive home myths about power in America. There is also the horrible persecution of a gay man prosecuted for conspiring to kill Kennedy, the ugly story of Oliver Stone’s homophobic film JFK, an exposé of conspiracy nonsense on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, a look at how the Soviets tried to influence American public opinion into believing the CIA was behind the assassination, and the incredible secret why some JFK assassination documents must remain locked up forever. And a whole lot more.

You can learn more about this book, and Fred Litwin’s other books at:





Fred Litwin’s YouTube channel:


Part of a long talk between myself and the author:

Arnold Rowland and the Sixth Floor


Some questions about Arnold Rowland…

He was the already married High School senior who says he was a JFK assassination witness and that there was a gunman on the 6th floor of the Texas Schoolbook Depository but NOT at the Warren Commisions‘ official “Snipers nest”.

He said he saw man holding a rifle “at port arms” at the south-west corner window of the Book Depository about 15 minutes ( or was it five minutes) BEFORE Kennedy drove through Dealey Plaza.
He said to his wife “The secret service isn’t so secret is it?” and pointed at the window, but his wife said she didn’t see anybody in that window.

Rowland also says he saw an African American man in the so-called Snipers Nest window and he was about 55 years old, practically bald and very thin.

Oliver Stone and other conspiracy theorists say that Arnold Rowlands story proves a conspiracy, it proves a second gunman, and it disproves the Warren Reports “Oswald was the Lone Gunman” theory.

Vincent Bugliosi said in “Reclaiming History” that we shouldn’t believe Arnold Rowlands story because his high school principal said he was a patholigical liar and a known exagerater.
Bugliosis also points out that Rowlands wife didn’t see this man that her husband claimed to see.

I saw on the “Portal to Texas History” website ( https://texashistory.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metapth338653/m1/2/ )
that he gave a statement to the Dallas County Sherriff’s department that is mostly the same as what he told the Warren Commission with one crucial difference,

He said the man was holding a rifle at “Parade Rest.”
Bugliosis also points out that Rowlands description of the gunman standing at”Port Arms” is ridiculous. Why would anyone stand at “parade rest” or “Port Arms” unless they were performing official military Drill and Ceremony?
If you were waiting to assassinate someone you wouldn’t stiffly stand like a toy soldier would you?
And what kind of civilian uses terminology like “Parade Rest” and or “Port Arms” anyway?

So we should dismiss what Arnold Rowland says he saw entirely, right? He’s a pathological liar who made this story up for attention right?


Hold on…..

Lets look at other parts of the official record. Other stories….
16‐year‐old Amos Lee Euins said he saw the shooter in the snipers nest window -and that he thought the man was black.

Howard Brennan said he saw the shooting from the snipers nest window and that the man he saw more or less looked like Oswald. Oswald was 24, but Brennan said the shooter looked to be about 30. I don’t see a contradiction here, every picture of Lee Harvey Oswald taken around the time of the assassination shows him to APPEAR closer to 30 than 24.

An african american Texas School Book depository employee (Bonnie Ray Williams ? )says he was sitting at/near what would later be called the “Snipers Nest” eating his lunch, a chicken sandwich.
Didnt Bonnie Ray Williams say he WAS at the “snipers nest” window for a bit, eating a chicken sandwich, then realized his friends were directly below him on the FIFTH floor, left, went down to fifth floor window to be with his friends?

Couldn’t this then back up Amos Lee Euins story, Howard Brennans story AND Arnold Rowlands story?

( I think I’m getting part of this from an in-person conversation with Bill Brown, and maybe one of the conspiracy books?)

Oswald was on the 6th floor. Maybe he WANTED to shoot from the “snipers nest” window but somebody was sitting there.

Oswald could have been standing near the south-west corner window with his rifle waiting for/hoping that the other person at the other end of the sixth floor would leave. Barring that, Oswald could just commit his evil deed from the south-west corner window.

When the other person left, Oswald left the south-west corner window area and walked over to the “Snipers nest” corner and moved the 3 boxes to set up his shooting area.

Arnold Rowland never said he saw the shots coming from the south-west corner window, did he? He simply said he saw a man with a rifle at the south-west corner window STANDING there with a rifle some minutes before the assassination. Have I got that right?

Arnold Rowland said he saw a white guy with a rifle at the southwest corner window and a Black person at the other end. I don’t see any contradiction here. The second man Rowland saw was Bonnie Ray Williams. Rowland got BRW’s age WAY off, but it was a ways away and he didn’t get that good of a look at either person did he?

Rowland also correctly described the rifle “appeared to be a high powered rifle because it looked as though it had a scope on it.” And he semi-correctly described Oswald himself (“White man with a light colored shirt, open at the neck. He appeared to be of slender build and he appeared to have dark hair.”) Although later in the day, Oswald was wearing a reddish brown long sleeve shirt with a white T shirt underneath it, wasn’t he? So Rowland got the shirt color wrong, a minor point that I don’t think discredits his whole testimony.

As for Rowlands changing testimony as to how the rile was held, maybe he was lying, maybe he was mistaken or mis- remembering things. Or maybe he saw BOTH things. He could have seen Oswald holding the rifle up with both hands across his torso ( “Port arms”) and then he saw Oswald after he put the rifle on the floor, resting it on its butt ( “parade rest”).

In both of Rowlands statements his description had the words “sort of thing.”
Such as:
“the man I saw was holding the rifle in a port arms kind of thing’
and he told the Dallas Sherrifs office (exact quote):
“He appeared to be holding this at a parade rest sort of position”
So a “parade rest sort of thing” didn’t need to mean a stiff formal PARADE REST pose, it could easily be : “holding it alongside his body”

And a “Port Arms sort of thing” could easily just be “holding it up with two hands.”

I don’t know why Arnold Rowland used such oddly specific military D&C ( “Drill and Ceremony”) terminology. Was he in Junior ROTC or a High School marching bands rifle drill team? Did he have a lot of family members who had been in the military? Or did he just have the same interest in military matters that many teen age boys would have had in 1963 ( and many still do today). Anyone have an answer for this?

His use of military D&C terminology is a bit eccentric and unusual, but not impossible to accept.

As for why his wife didn’t see the man with the rifle in the window? Rowland said the rifle man was 15 to twenty feet back from the window, and maybe Oswald changed position by the time Rowland pointed him out to his wife. Or maybe his wife didn’t have her glasses on?

Rowland said ” In about 15 minutes President Kennedy passed the same spot where we were standing and the motorcade had just turned west on Elm heading down the hill when I heard a noise I thought to be a back fire”

15 Minutes seems to be more than enough time for Bonnie Ray Williams to leave the sixth floor and Oswald to move three boxes to set up his snipers nest.

16‐year‐old Amos Lee Euins said he thought the shooter was black.
I can’t prove this, and I admit this is a bit of a stretch…. a “leap of faith ” But maybe Euins saw Oswalds rifle up in the window but had maybe seen Bonnie Ray Williams earlier, and he “mashed” the two memories together? He didn’t realize he had seen two different people in the same window?

There’s no proof, no statements by Euins, to suggest this was so, is there?

I have visited Dealey Plaza several times in the past 3 years and the “Rowland Corner” has been under construction every time I’ve been there. Obviously , the CIA doesn’t want me or anyone else to see Rowlands point of view?

Lee Harvey Oswald Faces


Lee Harvey Oswald (alleged killer of President John F. Kennedy and Dallas Police Officer J.D. Tippet) faces tests. Made in Photoshop and After Effects #oswald, #leeharveyoswald, #jfk, #kennedy, #adobephotoshop , #adobeaftereffects , #motiongraphics

Oliver Stone, After Effects


Oiver Stone, behind the picket fence in Dealy Plaza, Dallas, Texas.

Made with Adobe Photoshop (Paint Brush and Pen Tools) and Adobe After Effects.

JFK Truth, New Orleans Meet Up

JFK Truth Be Told, New Orleans Meet Up, April 2022


These are “home movies” of the “JFK Truth Be Told” Facebook group in person meetup on April 22, 2022. Author Fred Litwin was going to be there to research his new book on Jim Garrison, and we wanted to be there to see some of the Lee Harvey /Jim Garrison related sites.


The first shot is the bridge leading into New Orleans.

A church on the road into New Orleans.

.28) some shots of the apartment house that Lee Harvey Oswald and Marina Oswald used to live in. Mixed in are some shots from the house from an old tv interview with Oswald’s former landlady.

1.42) an unrelated but amusing shot of some tree cutters engaging in some dangerous seeming actions.

2.04) The nearby neighborhood library where Lee Harvey Oswald checked out books on Kennedy among others.

2.27) Shots of our visit to Reilly Coffee where Oswald worked and the “suspiciously nearby” Federal Buildings. This footage is out of chronological context, but I liked how it fit into the old interview.

Note, Lee Harvey Oswalds’ alleged “mistress” charged people for a similar tour of New Orleans sites two months after our ours. This women is probably telling the truth about working at the Reilly Coffee Company at the same time as Oswald, but she also tells very difficult to believe series of stories about her being the girlfriend of the married Oswald, and even more difficult to believe stories about her being in a CIA bio-weapons program with Oswald, David Ferrie and Guy Bannister.

What counts towards her credibility is the fact the the people, places and events in her stories match up almost exactly with the stories written about in Jim Garrisons book “On The Trail of the Assassins.” What counts AGAINST her credibility is the fact that the the people, places and events in her stories match up almost exactly with the stories written about in Jim Garrisons book “On The Trail of the Assassins,” even the parts that a lot of researchers don’t believe ever happened. To her critics, its almost like she read “On The Trail of the Assassins” and imagined herself into the book.



3:00 shots of us visiting the corner where Lee Harvey Oswald handed out “Hands off Cuba” Leaflets.

3.33 Visiting Lafayette square. Where Oswald attended a political rally and had a PO box.

4.27 Looking for Jim Garrisons gravesite and accidentally finding Carlos Marcellos Tomb.


5:07 David Ferries Apartment.

5:59 finding David Ferries grave. Tiny compared to Jim Garrisons.


6:25 Clay Shaws apartment.


6:35 New Orleans courthouse where the Clay Shaw trial happened. NOTE: I shot this footage on an earlier trip to New Orleans, this wasn’t a part of the “Truth Be Told” meet up.


Dealey Plaza 1997


Here is a blast from (my) past!
I shot this footage with a hand held Standard Definition (SD) BetaCam ENG camera ( 640 by 480, 29.97 Frames Per Second) on December 21st, 1997.

This was originally going to be a part of a “The Kennedy Assassination was a conspiracy” documentary I was going to make. Then I read Jim Moore’s “A Conspiracy of One” and Gerald Posner’s “Case Closed” and that turned me from a hard core conspiracy theorist to leaning heavily towards the “lone gunman” side.

I also toyed with the idea of using this footage in my Vidor documentary “The Least of My Brothers,” comparing the Kennedy Assassination to the Bill Simpson Murder. But that idea was dropped and I never went very far with it.

In this video you can see the Grassy Knoll, you can see Conspiracy author Robert Groden peddling his books and videos, and I got to take ride in a replica of Kennedys Presidential limousine.

First Shots: The Texas Schoolbook Depository as seen from about half a block away. I think its the corner of Main and Houston, where assassination witness Arnold Rowland was standing.
Close Ups of the sixth floor snipers nest window.
1.05 George Dealey Statue
1.25 Shot of the The Texas Schoolbook Depository from the closest corner.
3.33 I was standing on the grassy knoll, behind the picket fence, where some witnesses though the shots came from.
4.24 Robert Groden banner.
5.50 Robert Groden sits and peddles his books and videos.
7:03 Where James Tague was standing.
7.31 Video shot from the railroad bridge.
10:01 Railroad tower.
11.01 Replica Limousine tour, from within the limo.
12.25 standing POV from within the limousine.
12.32 Police Ramp entrance
15.46 Limo entering Dealey Plaza
17:15 back seat
17:17 Conspiracy Museum
18.30 replica limo enters Dealey Plaza
20.00 Limo shot from railroad bridge.

I am not sure but I think this might be the company that owns that replica of the JFK limo today:

The Sixth Floor Museum : http://www.jfk.org

Jim Moore’s A Conspiracy of One on Amazon: www.amazon.com/Conspiracy-One-Jim-Moore/dp/0962621951

Gerald Posner’s Case Closed: www.posner.com/case-closed

If you want to visit Dealey Plaza yourself someday, talk to… :

www.facebook.com/DfwHistoricalTours for a tour.

Fred Litwin

A conversation with lifelong JFK conspiracy buff and author Fred Litwin.



I am going to use this as part of my forthcoming documentary debunking (most) JFK conspiracy theories.

This is all uncut, and after the first minute, I didn’t even attempt to have the video match with what we’re talking about.