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Manson tongue, Hitler, adobe flash animation

manson tongue, adobe flash animation



manson becomes Hitler then back to manson again


Star Trek Okudagram Graphic

Star Trek Okudagram Graphic


Made in Adobe Animate ( Flash) and Adobe After Effects.



Fridge Movie Screen


Fridge Movie Screen test

Blackmagic Video footage exported out of After Effects into a stack of Photoshop files.

I went into Adobe Photoshop and did Script >Load into Stack.

Then I cut put the background. The fridge is an isolated layer, the movie screen  is three layers.

The girl is rotoscoped with the pen tool, the lasso tool and the box/rectangle tools.

I reassembled the tall stack of photoshop files.  The girl is a precomp.

Merry Christmas 2018



Merry Christmas from MattKProvideo.

The bell was made in Adobe Animate ( Flash). The lights were made in Adobe Photoshop  ( I drew the string of lights in Adobe Photoshop. I duplicated in colored some bright and glow-ey and some dull.) and it was all composited in Adobe After Effects.


Spinning Gear After Effects Animation


Spinning Gear After Effects Animation


Mechanical gear “painted” in Adobe Photoshop then imported in Adobe After Effects.

I added rotate the gear then copied and flipped it several times ( its the same gear repeated several times).


I added spot lights and stylize> glow effects.


This is going to be part of a corporate video.