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#ArtTex Funding, Collateral

ArtTex Funding, Collateral

An animated commercial I made for ArTex Funding.

2D animation made mainly with Adobe Animate ( Flash) and edited with Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere.

ArTex Funding, Tug Of War V6


2D animation commercial for ArTex Funding, created in Adobe Animate (Adobe Flash) and Adobe After Effects.

ArTex Funding, Tug Of War V6

Artex Funding, “Tug Of War”


2D Cartoon animation commercial for ArTex Funding.

Alternative Funding for Business and Real Estate


512-261-0024 Work

512-750-5768 Mobile

Made in Adobe Animate (aka FLASH) and Adobe After Effects. The end logo was made in Adobe After Effects.



Does it feel like your having a tug of war when you go for funding?

Is it hard to get your loan pulled over the line ?

Is your company struggling to find the right type of loan for your situation?

Are you having problems with funding and does your funding group want you to go someplace else?

Are you struggling with your working capital or having issues with cash flow issues?

We here at ArTex Funding can come on your side of the rope and help pull you toward success.

We help you win the tug of war with the various funding groups.  We help you get bigger stronger and better with alternative funding programs

that no one else have.

Which helps your company grow and prosper even though you’re having financial difficulty.

Call 512-261-0024 Email Text: 512-750-5768 or call us on our cell 512-750-5768



2D Animated commercial for ArTex Funding. Made in Adobe Flash( AKA Adobe Animate,) Adobe After Effects and Premiere.

Karate Animation.

Call ArTex Funding –  we are Alternative Business Lenders.

We fight off the Ninjas to get you the best loan for any financial condition of your business.

ArTex Funding has many different alternative working capital asset-based funding programs and are more flexible and creative than most financing sources…….

Austin, Texas  78738   Phone: (512) 261.0024 /premiere