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Dolemite is my name!

Good movie, a little too similar in structure to ” Ed Wood” (same writers) and Eddie Murphy is great, but doesn’t really “become” Rudy Ray Moore like I thought he would.
You could barely tell it was the same actor playing all the Klumps in ( The Nutty Professor. The RRM character in this movie sounds like…. Eddie Murphy doing Rudy Ray Moore routines… instead of it sounding like …. Rudy Ray Moore routines.


Eddie Murphy talks really fast while Moore had a very rehearsed feel to his speech pattern.


It doesn’t shy away from the fact that Dolemite was trash.. Uproariously entertaining and exploitative trash….


(Spoilers) Was Durville Martin really that much of a snob? If so, why was he brought back for the sequels?


Did Moore really not catch on that most of his film was being laughed AT in the wrong way? Sure its ok for the audience to laugh at the deliberate jokes, but seeing “Dolemite” movies both on VHS and midnight screenings at the original Alamo Drafthouse ( in the late 90s) the films gets laughed at when its supposed to be serious… the god awfully fake kung fu scenes…. etc..


I can remember reading how some Black writers were annoyed at how popular many blaxploitation flicks became on VHS in the late 90s. Someone wrote ( “its a voyeuristic look at the absolute worst aspects of Black culture”). Maybe it bothered them that once again white kids found “their” hidden treasure.


Ive often heard that when the Rudy Ray Moore movies were, the whole plan was to see them stoned…. they just weren’t that good straight…


For those of you who didn’t know, Rudy Ray Moore was like the Black Ed Wood of the 70s’, or… later on… Tommy Wiseau.


Moore’s movies weren’t as technically incompetent as Ed Woods, but they were just as cluelessly self indulgent.


He was a guy who wanted to be the star of a movie so he made his own way in. He wanted to be a sex symbol in a movie, so he wrote himself as one… ( even though he is quite up to that level).


He wanted to be an action star…. but his fighting skills were laughably/atrociously feeble. BUT, it must be said, Rudy Ray Moores movies were NEVER ever boring. At their worst, that are goofily laughable and never reach the train wreck heights ( depths) of say… The Rooms tuxedo football scene.


I’ll have to watch it again. I suspect there are Easter eggs and cameos I didn’t catch? Who played the wino and his trash can campfire crew?


I wonder if they were tied to the real Dolemite? Did the owner of the white Cadillac really not know they were going to blow it up? And I highly suspect the “ passing of the cane” at the end never happened ( or.. did it? who knows.. I suspect someone is going to call me out on it)