COUNTDOWN horror film

I Saw ‘Countdown” it got terrible reviews. Well its not terrible, its just a “by the numbers” horror movie, the scary parts indistinguishable from a dozen other similar mediocre horror movies.


The general premise is somewhat clever and new. Some young people download an app that will tell you when you’re going to die.


The opening scene is an annoyingly typical contemporary horror scene: a beer party of mutantly good looking teenagers……


One refreshing thing is that in the next thing it has a somewhat positive lesson about teen drinking and drunk driving (a teen girl refused to ride with her drunk boyfriend)…
Then something else refreshingly different happens.


We meet the lead character, a young woman, ( NOT a high schooler or college student… but presumably around 21 years old,) has just finished her nursing certification.
In a lot of horror movies, especially older ones, the women are screaming weakling victims… targets of violence or waiting for a man to save them.


This young woman is smart and strong willed.

Not to spoil the ending too much… but she defeats the bad guy not by luck, not by being saved by a man, but she uses her scientific nursing training to outwit the evil force.

Theres what we might think is a throwaway scene of her saving someone with a certain medical technique. Then an almost identical technique is used at the end of the movie.

Set up… Pay off…

Again, this isn’t a great movie, or even a really good one. But this aspect of it, the smart women using her brains to resolve the situation…. seems to be a refreshing move in the right direction.

Any of you females seen it? Thoughts?

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