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Artex Roulette / Poker




Part of an upcoming 2d animated commercial for ArTex Funding.


Made in adobe animate / flash and adobe after effects.


Voice over scam?


Voice over scam?

I live in San Antonio and have done a few voice his in San Antonio and Austin. Mainly for low end projects I do of myself/produce myself.

But I do peruse the Los Angeles craigslist looking for work. To maybe telecommute.

I saw an ad looking for a voice over artist.

SO I emailed them with:


I would like to voice over work. You can hear samples of my voice over work at:


Let me know if you think I would be a good fit.



They wrote back the next day with:

Sean Adamson <seanadamson94@outlook.com>

To:                   Apr 6 at 4:06 PM


A new corporate client of mine wants to create their online Transport website.This assignment is a copyrighted script that will be provided.We have specialists,and Contract Studio Engineer who will bring the real perfection to the job.It’s a two days project and wouldn’t take more than 45 minutes  to record  for each of days.It’s a $1100 voice over (Assignment) for you,

Job Location:

The job and the recording will be held at a rented studio close to your location, so you don’t have to worry about traveling, the name and address of the studio will be forwarded to you before the date of the recording.

Job Description


We are creating a marketing video to be distributed through web and social media. The overall video is approximately 20 minutes in length with the game show host part being about 8 Mins also. The voice must be Smooth, Friendly fun and entertaining.

Sample Script:(This is an idea of what to be expected)

(VO) Uh, I’m no rocket scientist but I’d say…traffic congestion.

(VO) Well, I’m no rocket scientist but that’s a no-brainer. Mass Transit is the better option.

Expectations: You need to be in a good mental and emotional state of mind. Basically this is all that is required of you, Kindly, get in touch with me as soon as possible if you will take the job. More details will be provided to you and we can continue from there. Please, no time wasting.

Let me know if you will take the job to commence with next arrangement. Please I’d like you to check your email on a regular basis, I might have updates for you.


Sean Adamson.

Sent from Outlook


After reading this I was SO excited. They must have listened to my voice demo and wanted to hire me.

I put a microphone into my iPhone and recorded their lines and attached it into an email back to them.

They IMMEDIATELY emailed me back with:

Hi ,

I received your email indicating your interest.I am an independent consultant. I would not be able to send you the script because my client has copyrighted it and confidential is of utmost importance.Therefore the script shall be released a day before the project. I hope you understand?

As part of my working policy and ethics, I receive part payment from any client before I proceed with any job and balance you immediately after the job, this is to identify a serious client and ascertain the job. So I will get in touch with our client and part payment will  be mailed to you, until you receive and confirm payment before the recording will hold. Your total pay for the job is going to be $1100 as discussed. Part payment of $400 will be mailed to you first and you get the balance on the final day of the recording.No contract will be signed for the job.

Do Send me your payment details for issuing a check as to which our client is to mail out your part payment to you in the details below:

Full Legal name for payment on the Check:

Complete Mailing address:

Phone numbers (Cell and Home):

After you confirm the part payment which should serve as transportation and mobilization.

Get in touch with your required details as soon as you can. The date of the Recording shall be communicated to you once I get all the details. Concerning the date of the recording, you have the opportunity to choose the two most convenient days for the recording between 25th-30th April and do indicate it in your next reply.


Sean Adamson.

My suspicions were raised. Were they hiring me?

And I will be the first to admit that I am an “okay” voice over actor, but doesn’t Los Angeles have the best, most experienced actors in the world? Why were they picking me????

Wouldn’t all those struggling actors in Hollywood KILL for a $1,100 gig???

Then I re read the emails “Sean Adamson.”  sent me:

“The job and the recording will be held at a rented studio close to your location, so you don’t have to worry about traveling, the name and address of the studio will be forwarded to you before the date of the recording.”

Lets break this down…..

“the job and the recording will be held at a rented studio close to your location”

How does “Sean Adamson” know my location?????


“the name and address of the studio will be forwarded to you before the date of the recording.”

I have run into this before. Wedding video clients that will mail me a check because they are “out of the country until just before ‘the event’ “

“Your total pay for the job is going to be $1100 as discussed. Part payment of $400 will be mailed to you first “

WOW!!!! $1100 dollars! And a $400 deposit!!!!! Thats a LOT of money for my first gig!!!

Its almost too good to be true!!!


“ If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is…”


So whats the scam? They’re mailing me a check right???

I think the scam is…..

To break into my bank account a potential thief would need:

  1. My Full Legal Name thats used on my bank account.
  2.  My mailing address
  3. The name of my bank
  4.  My bank account number
  5. My password.

If I processed their check into my account they would have 1, 2, 3, and maybe 4…

4 of the 5 things they need to rip me off.


Is that the scam “Sean Adamson” ???



Matt Kordelski, Voice Over Actor, April 9, 2019


Matthew Kordelski, Voice Over Actor Demo, April 9, 2019



Part of my application for a voice over acting part for a Los Angeles Production company. For some kind of “mass transit” promotion.

Girls Basketball Tournament


I was hired by Baller TV to video a high school girls Basketball Tournament at Northeast Lakeview College Campus in San Antonio,Texas.






Arangetram Dance Recital Austin



An Indian “Arangetram” dance recital shot in Austin , Texas, June 2015.

2 Beautiful young girls celebrate their birthdays by performing elaborate cultural dance routines for their friends and family!

Nematoads Music Videos


Some music videos produced by mattkprovideo. Shot using Canon G20 camcorder, Canon T3i, Go Pro cameras.

Death Garage by The Nematoads:

Five Guns West by The Nematoads:

Urban Sombrero by The Nematoads:

Made with Adobe Flash ( Animate) Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere:


Theme from THE INSCRUTABLES by The Nematoads:

Dos Diablos by The Nematoads:

Deadwood by the Nematoads: