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Gimbal Test Footage

Testing an iPhone with Gimbal. Shot on the campus of San Antonio College and the San Antonio downtown library. Tuesday Jan 28, 2020.

I edited footage with time remapping in After Effects. I also added an adjustment layer with adjust color, brightness/contrast and auto color.

Fluzzle Tube Spot

Fluzzle Tube Spot, Version 1

Shot in San Antonio, Texas, Austin, Texas, and South Padre Island, Texas.

Edited at mattkprovideo studios, with Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects.

Boys BasketBall Tournament, San Antonio

Boys BasketBall Tournament.

July 20, 2019. Mission Concepcion Sports Arena. San Antonio, Texas.


Mission Concepcion Sports Park
714 E. Theo Ave

San Antonio, TX, 78210

El Paso Drone Shoot

El Paso Drone Shoot


I had the privilege of working on the hospital project, assisting the drone operator capturing these breathtaking shots.

This is not MY work, but I can subcontract with this drone cinematographer for your project if you so desire.


It was shot by Atx Aerials

Low budget drone gigs

If you are a high end well paid drone operator please skip this ad, it will just p–s you off.

I am making two VERY low budget commercial videos here in San Antonio.  I am not being paid at all, I am doing them as a trade out.

Both clients want drone shots in their projects.

I told them we can’t afford them.  They asked if maybe a student/amateur drone operator could give us those shots.

I told them that that kind of ad just annoys ( and insults) video production people but they are insistent.

So here it goes….

BUT if you are a drone hobbyist with a basic camera ( at least 1280 by 720) on your drone and you are open to a Trade Out… please read on…

I am doing all of the ground videography and editing myself.

One video project is for a car wash, and another is for a tour guide service.

The car wash one… well they want some drone shots of their car wash. An over head shot of the sign and then floating down.

A bit like:

They are offering a trade out, you spend about an hour getting a few shots and as payment you get gift certificates to use the car wash a few times for free.

And the tour guide one is similar trade out offer……  spend about an hour getting a few shots of a cemetary and an old building….. you get a set of free tour tickets for you and your family. Valued at over a hundred dollars.

If you are agreeable to a trade out as described above please email me at mattkprovideo at yahoo dot com with the subject line ”  drone trade out ”  Include links to any other drone shooting you have already done.  DO NOT CALL.

And of you are NOT willing to do a pure trade out but want SOME money- how much?

Also if you do this for me, I will help you edit the footage into a promo video for yourself so you can get better , paid gigs in the future.


Thank you for reading this and all the best.





Girls Basketball Tournament

I was hired by Baller TV to video a high school girls Basketball Tournament at Northeast Lakeview College Campus in San Antonio,Texas.