Low budget drone gigs


If you are a high end well paid drone operator please skip this ad, it will just p–s you off.

I am making two VERY low budget commercial videos here in San Antonio.  I am not being paid at all, I am doing them as a trade out.

Both clients want drone shots in their projects.

I told them we can’t afford them.  They asked if maybe a student/amateur drone operator could give us those shots.

I told them that that kind of ad just annoys ( and insults) video production people but they are insistent.

So here it goes….

BUT if you are a drone hobbyist with a basic camera ( at least 1280 by 720) on your drone and you are open to a Trade Out… please read on…

I am doing all of the ground videography and editing myself.

One video project is for a car wash, and another is for a tour guide service.

The car wash one… well they want some drone shots of their car wash. An over head shot of the sign and then floating down.

A bit like:

They are offering a trade out, you spend about an hour getting a few shots and as payment you get gift certificates to use the car wash a few times for free.

And the tour guide one is similar trade out offer……  spend about an hour getting a few shots of a cemetary and an old building….. you get a set of free tour tickets for you and your family. Valued at over a hundred dollars.

If you are agreeable to a trade out as described above please email me at mattkprovideo at yahoo dot com with the subject line ”  drone trade out ”  Include links to any other drone shooting you have already done.  DO NOT CALL.

And of you are NOT willing to do a pure trade out but want SOME money- how much?

Also if you do this for me, I will help you edit the footage into a promo video for yourself so you can get better , paid gigs in the future.


Thank you for reading this and all the best.





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