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Fluzzle Tube Spot

Fluzzle Tube Spot, Version 1

Shot in San Antonio, Texas, Austin, Texas, and South Padre Island, Texas.

Edited at mattkprovideo studios, with Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects.

Go Pro Rifle Range Tests

I always wanted to try this.  A Go Pro Camera attached to a rifle at a shooting range.


We went to Hot Wells Gun Range in Cypress, Texas ( near Houston).

The first shots were taken on a Go Pro 6 using a “Jaws”  flex Clamp.

The rifle’s shooting action moved the camera quite a bit. That footage is within the first minute of this video.

The next set of video shots were taken from a Go Pro 4 using a “bicycle handlebar” clamp.  I was much happier with those videography shots.


After approximately sevent minutes, the  footage is from a conventional video camera. A handheld Canon G20.

I did a quick simple edit in Adobe Premiere. I hope a fancier edited version is soon to follow.

I am not a fire arms owner. I hardly ever use them. But I was impressed with the Hot Wells Gun School staff.  Their place was very clean. Seemed very well organized. All the staff were very friendly

Go Pro on a car hood


With some Adobe After Effects Image Stabilization:


Adobe After Effects

Pro Wrestling Go Pro


Some Pro Wrestling footage, shot on a Go pro Hero 4 with a Feiyu Gimbal.

I edited the footage in Adobe After Effects, using Time Remapping and Time Stretch. I also used a lot of color correction. I added an adjustment layer with auto color, Hue & Saturation, contrast, and Black & White.

When I looked at it, I used too much “glow” on the Black & White shot… so I re rendered it with the glow adjustment layer at only 11 percent.


Recorded at a “Wrestle Circus” show on Congress Avenue in Austin, Texas.