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One single website?

I’m a wedding videographer who also does any other kind of video I can get.
I currently have 2 web sites, one just for weddings alone and another one just for promo videos/corp spots/ music videos etc.
I am talking to a new web-master who is  insisting that  I should just have ONE website.that has a “wedding” tab.
I strongly disagree.
I believe that potential brides just want a dedicated WEDDING videographer,
Someone that they feel does wedding videography first and only.
Other videographers know there isn’t much difference but I think it makes a difference to customers.
I feel like I should keep up the illusion that I am JUST a wedding videographer ( to potential wedding customers) and primarily a commercial video producer on a separate website aimed just at commercial clients.

After Effects Removal


An example of Adobe After Effects being used to remove a photographer from a wedding video.

More details on how I did it at:



New Braunfels Conservation Society


New Braunfels Conservation Society
1300 Church Hill Drive
New Braunfels, TX 78130
Main Office: 830-629-2943


Don’t trust mediapalace.net

I don’t think anyone should trust a company named mediapalace.net

Some web research has shown me it is Round Rock Texas based video company run by someone named Eric Palacios.

They are liars and scam artists.

I noticed they are using an image from a wedding video I shot in a craigslist ad.

Scam Ad

They are implying that they shot that wedding when they know I did.

If they need to lie about a wedding they shot, it seems to me that they must have NEVER shot a single wedding before. If they had shot a wedding, so much as ONE, why not use a frame from this ONE wedding in their advertising?

If they don’t have any experience in weddings, why should you want to hire them to do such a thing?

I looked at their youtube channel and I saw some local Round Rock soccer games and some boxing / martial arts matches. I must admit I saw some well done drone footage and a neat looking 3D animated commercial for a fighting DVD.

I didn’t see ONE wedding on their website or on their youtube channel.

Even if they did a BAD wedding video, they would at least had THAT one to pick at least ONE frame one for their advertising.

I can’t see why anyone would want to hire someone like Eric Palacios of mediapalace.net to make a video of their special day when he has (apparently) NEVER  shot a wedding before and therefore has NO (seeming) experience at it.

I have been shooting and editing wedding videos since 1992.  I have worked for lots of different companies and picked up decades of on the job experience.  I have learned the hard way how to make great wedding videos under adverse conditions.  I don’t need to lie or steal someones work to show what I can do.  I only need to show the excellent work I have done and let it speak for itself.


This is the wedding video that I shot in 2015 that Eric Palacios of mediapalace.net  stole a shot from and claimed that HE made when he knows he’s lying:

If media palace is willing to lie and mislead potential customers about this, what else would they be unethical about?

My first posting of this wedding video: