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Don’t trust mediapalace.net

I don’t think anyone should trust a company named mediapalace.net

Some web research has shown me it is Round Rock Texas based video company run by someone named Eric Palacios.

They are liars and scam artists.

I noticed they are using an image from a wedding video I shot in a craigslist ad.

Scam Ad

They are implying that they shot that wedding when they know I did.

If they need to lie about a wedding they shot, it seems to me that they must have NEVER shot a single wedding before. If they had shot a wedding, so much as ONE, why not use a frame from this ONE wedding in their advertising?

If they don’t have any experience in weddings, why should you want to hire them to do such a thing?

I looked at their youtube channel and I saw some local Round Rock soccer games and some boxing / martial arts matches. I must admit I saw some well done drone footage and a neat looking 3D animated commercial for a fighting DVD.

I didn’t see ONE wedding on their website or on their youtube channel.

Even if they did a BAD wedding video, they would at least had THAT one to pick at least ONE frame one for their advertising.

I can’t see why anyone would want to hire someone like Eric Palacios of mediapalace.net to make a video of their special day when he has (apparently) NEVER  shot a wedding before and therefore has NO (seeming) experience at it.

I have been shooting and editing wedding videos since 1992.  I have worked for lots of different companies and picked up decades of on the job experience.  I have learned the hard way how to make great wedding videos under adverse conditions.  I don’t need to lie or steal someones work to show what I can do.  I only need to show the excellent work I have done and let it speak for itself.


This is the wedding video that I shot in 2015 that Eric Palacios of mediapalace.net  stole a shot from and claimed that HE made when he knows he’s lying:

If media palace is willing to lie and mislead potential customers about this, what else would they be unethical about?

My first posting of this wedding video:




Wedding Video, Boerne Texas



A wedding video I shot in Boerne, Texas in October 2018.


I used multiple cameras and edited in Adobe Premiere. I also did the opening graphics in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects.

Austin Wedding Video, Paulina and Danny Baker



Austin Wedding Video, Paulina and Danny Baker


The lovely Paulina got married to the handsome Danny Baker on April 16, 2016 at “The Vista on Seward Hill” in West Austin.

Shot with a Canon DSLR, a Canon Camcorder, 3 go pros and a Feiyu G4 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal . Edited in Adobe Premiere with some work done in Photoshop and After Effects.

Max McIntyre Bikini Model


The above is bikini model demo video for Texas model and photographer Max McIntyre   ( aka  Katherine Leigh Mehta ) .

Max McIntyre,  ( aka  Katherine Leigh Mehta) is  the woman accused of being drunk at a wedding she was supposed to be the photographer at.

This is the professional photographers”facebook for business” page for Katherine Leigh Mehta ‘s  wedding photography page.



I hope Katherine Leigh Mehta can work past this. Her wedding photography and pictures of newborn babies are quite good.

She is also accused of having sex with a wedding guest before she was arrested.


Ms. McIntyre apparently claimed she was roofied against her will.



The wedding took place at THE SPRINGS, Weatherford Wedding Venue:



We should all bear in mind that nothing has been proven yet. It is all just accusations, tawdy headlines and internet gossip,  The full story is still to be revealed in the future.

wedding video, 2018, san antonio, austin


3 Minute demo of my wedding video production service.

I shoot and edit professional wedding videos for Austin, San Antonio, San Marcos, New Braunfels, Waco, Dallas, Houston, or any points in between.

I shoot with multiple video cameras, edit in adobe premiere and after effects.

WEddings are shot with a Canon T3i DSLR, Canon g20 camcorder, A sony 4K camcorder, 2 go pros ,  tripods, a slider and a gimbal.

Then I burn a DVD for the bride and or make a youtube video for the family to see.

My wedding video website is www.lovestorytexas.com.