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Glo Geeks first shots


glo geeks first shots made in photoshop and after effects


Hed PE, April 4, 2019, San Antonio


Hed PE, April 4, 2019, San Antonio


A motion graphics promo video for an upcoming live music show happening April 4, 2019 at 7 pm. At the ROCKBOX in San Antonio.


I did not create most of the imagery in this commercial. I took pre existing band logos and isolated them in Adobe Photoshop using the pen tool, lasso tool, etc.

Then I took the Photoshop files into Adobe After Effects and moved them around. I rendered the background and foreground as separate Alpha Channel-ed layers. T



he layers were brought into Adobe Premiere and re assembled. I added the voice over and under music track.  The compiled filed was exported out of Adobe Premiere as a 1920 by 1080 h264 file.  Then I uploaded the h264 file into youtube and added several meta tags,


You’ve worked hard. You’ve had a long week. YOU NEED SOME HED! Come out to the Rock Box in San Antonio on Thursday, April 4th and be a renegade with HED PE! Also featuring Downfall 2012, San Antonio’s own PigWeed, and special guests Wrathtongue and TerrorForm.

Be sure to say Hey Bartender and check out the drink specials too. Don’t miss your chance to raise hell and rock so hard you black out with HED PE.

Doors at 7 PM; music at 8. Presented by Texas Revolution and DIN Productions.

Tickets available at ticketfly.com.


Photoshop Before & After


Samples of my skills in using Adobe Photoshop, photo editing/repair and graphics creation.
Fox & Crow Comic, Color Corrected photo fox crow 3_zps5wj9rqyh.jpg

kiersten photoshop

 photo rabid BampA_zpslitcnl1c.jpg

 photo kim h2_zpsscwk5phr.jpg

A phone shot of Zion National Park. I seperated this picture into two layers. On the lower layer I lowed the brightness and increased the contrast  the make the sky stand out more.

 photo zion before amp after_zpsewofp5gx.jpg

An actors’ headshot cleaned up and color corrected in Photoshop. I used ” Auto Color” Adjust brightness / contrast and a lot of cloning.
 photo renato fixed_zpsg8po6icq.jpg


 photo enterprise_zpsilmatdgo.jpg

 photo perry p shop2_zpsjzh6ktos.jpg

Wonder Woman Color Corrected photo wonder woman 2_zpsty6cv8z3.jpg

Below, that is me with my video camera and spotlight. I seperated the picture into two layers with the lasso and pen tools. Then I cloned myself out and re combined the two layers.
 photo karla enters fixed_zpsrakzlt2w.jpg

I used the magic wand and lasso tools to take out the green screen.
 photo hardy castle demo_zpsfcjnkmmf.jpg

An office manager hired me to edit his bosses faces onto some old stock photos:

 photo corporate sales_zps3xlim2z7.jpg

Video graphics created in Photoshop and layered over the footage in Adobe Premiere.
 photo box nine app001_zpszwz4dhrt.jpg