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Fridge Movie Screen


Fridge Movie Screen test

Blackmagic Video footage exported out of After Effects into a stack of Photoshop files.

I went into Adobe Photoshop and did Script >Load into Stack.

Then I cut put the background. The fridge is an isolated layer, the movie screen  is three layers.

The girl is rotoscoped with the pen tool, the lasso tool and the box/rectangle tools.

I reassembled the tall stack of photoshop files.  The girl is a precomp.


ACL Locksmith Commercials 2018


ACL LOCKSMITH Live Action Commercial:


And the same voice over but using Motion Graphics created in Adobe Flash/ Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Adobe After Effects:


Note that the animated one got a lot more youtube hits.

The live action video got 317 views, while the animated graphic spot got 431 views.

The live video version played in a movie theater in Cedar Park, Texas.




Rotoscoped Wrestler



Video Frames exported as a Photoshop dot psd stack, rotoscoped in Adobe Photoshop and composited with Adobe After Effects.

<a href=”https://wrestlecircus.com/”>https://wrestlecircus.com/</a&gt;

“Back to school” Jamie Johnson Insurance


“Back to school” Jamie Johnson Insurance

Video commercial made with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Animate, and Adobe After Effects.




3:31 pm, starting on jamie johnson back pack spot
The words I used were:

Back2School Giveaway

Win a $100 Gift Card or a Backpack Stuffed with Supplies
( and giftcard)
made in Adobe Flash

7:31pm finished w backpack

8:43 finished with teachers desk photoshop painting

Making “Jamie Johnson” logo in Photoshop ( copied from his website)

9:45. Finished with Jamie Johnson Logo, the photoshop was easy.
Animating the red arrow is flash took time. Almost an hour.

9:46 opening after effects

9:49 composed logo from photoshop and flash
9:55 recorded vo

10:27 finished compositing in after effects. Starting render.
10:40 youoube

10:49 re rendering with out voice 11:02