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Speaker Diagram, Adobe Flash/ After Effects

Speaker Diagram, Adobe Flash/ After Effects


Made in Adobe Animate ( nee flash) and altered in Adobe After Effects.

Second version with the less space between layers. I duplicated certain layers and added

Stylize > GLOW to make the thin white lines stand out more.


ACL Locksmith Commercials 2018


ACL LOCKSMITH Live Action Commercial:


And the same voice over but using Motion Graphics created in Adobe Flash/ Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Adobe After Effects:


Note that the animated one got a lot more youtube hits.

The live action video got 317 views, while the animated graphic spot got 431 views.

The live video version played in a movie theater in Cedar Park, Texas.




Pro Wrestling Go Pro



Some Pro Wrestling footage, shot on a Go pro Hero 4 with a Feiyu Gimbal.

I edited the footage in Adobe After Effects, using Time Remapping and Time Stretch. I also used a lot of color correction. I added an adjustment layer with auto color, Hue & Saturation, contrast, and Black & White.

When I looked at it, I used too much “glow” on the Black & White shot… so I re rendered it with the glow adjustment layer at only 11 percent.


Recorded at a “Wrestle Circus” show on Congress Avenue in Austin, Texas.













Shelton wedding


Shelton wedding cake photo cut up ( layered)  in Adobe Photoshop ( pen tool and lasso tool) and animated using “2D Space” in Adobe After Effects.


I did not take the original picture.