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iPhone video footage


iPhone on a tripod


iPhone on a tripod


iPhone on a tripod


iPhone on a tripod


Quincanera, iPhone on a Gimbal;

Seaworld, San Antonio, Aug 4, 2019


Seaworld, San Antonio, Aug 4, 2019

Shot on an IPhone and edited with Adobe Premiere.




Copying large iPhone video files to a PC


I need to copy some large , over 30 minutes long, video files from my iPhone to my PC.

I tried to just use the white iphone cord into my Mac.  It didnt work.

I tried the same thing on my PC. Same error.


So I uploaded the large files right off the phone into Google Drive….. ( using the iphone google drive app)   then downloaded it off of Google drive sown onto my PC.  Sheesh, lots of unnecessary steps!