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Rolling Stones ” Thousand Light Years from home”


A lyric video of the Rolling Stones ” Thousand Light Years from home”


It has the look of soemthing done with paper cut out stop motion animation, but I highly suspect it was done in Adobe Photoshop and After Effects.  They probably used grain filters to make it look like film from the 1960s.


I think this little short film is REALLY well made, really great to look at.

The Rolling Stones – Love Is Strong – OFFICIAL PROMO


The Rolling Stones – Love Is Strong – OFFICIAL PROMO


I wonder how they did this back in 1994?

I am sure most of this is The Rolling Stones and the models “Green Screened” into the footage, but do think some of this is the Stones in miniature sets?


Have the Rolling Stones prance about in front of a green screen and then use adobe after effects > motion tracking?

Or have some kind of advanced motion control camera rig so that they shot they Full scale buildings and green screen shots the same way? HOW could they pull of those elaborate moving dolly shots?




I don’t think that even the Rolling Stones could afford to build mini sets for a video. But maybe, (MAYBE) an effects house had some city sets left over from some other film that they could use. But thats a maybe. More likely. they shot wide format ( 70mm????) for both the city and the actors, thus giving them latitude the add movement and shake. Im not saying they DID use models. But if I were the director I would so love to just have mick strut his stuff in a micro set and shoot it hand held. It would make it so much easier and faster.

Directed by David Fincher?