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Bridge 13 band at Fitzgeralds.


San Antonio based rock band BRIDGE 13 played at Fitzgeralds Bar on Aug 13, 2019.


This is a video of part of their set. It was shot with a Canon G20 camera on a Bogen Tripod. Basic edited was done with Adobe Premiere. The corner bug logo was created in Adobe Photoshop.

Show produced by Texas Revolution, LLC.









The Hollowmen Live in Concert

The Hollowmen Live in Concert


The Hollowmen opened up for SONS OF TEXAS, on July 1st, 2019, at the ROCKBOX in San Antonio.
Shot with a Canon G20 and edited with Adobe Premiere.

Don’t Feed The Birds live music video


Don’t Feed The Birds are a San Antonio rock band that opened for “Sons of Texas” at the RockBox on June 1st, 2019.


This is some live video shot of their performance.



One single website?

I’m a wedding videographer who also does any other kind of video I can get.
I currently have 2 web sites, one just for weddings alone and another one just for promo videos/corp spots/ music videos etc.
I am talking to a new web-master who is  insisting that  I should just have ONE website.that has a “wedding” tab.
I strongly disagree.
I believe that potential brides just want a dedicated WEDDING videographer,
Someone that they feel does wedding videography first and only.
Other videographers know there isn’t much difference but I think it makes a difference to customers.
I feel like I should keep up the illusion that I am JUST a wedding videographer ( to potential wedding customers) and primarily a commercial video producer on a separate website aimed just at commercial clients.

Arangetram Dance Recital Austin



An Indian “Arangetram” dance recital shot in Austin , Texas, June 2015.

2 Beautiful young girls celebrate their birthdays by performing elaborate cultural dance routines for their friends and family!

Nematoads Music Videos


Some music videos produced by mattkprovideo. Shot using Canon G20 camcorder, Canon T3i, Go Pro cameras.

Death Garage by The Nematoads:

Five Guns West by The Nematoads:

Urban Sombrero by The Nematoads:

Made with Adobe Flash ( Animate) Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere:


Theme from THE INSCRUTABLES by The Nematoads:

Dos Diablos by The Nematoads:

Deadwood by the Nematoads:







Soul Tone Live Concert Video

Soul Tone Live Concert Video


Shot live at the LOVE GOAT bar, Austin, Texas. Sat, Jan 26, 2019.


Jonathan galvez-bassist

Josh Garcia-drummer

Erik Galloway- Sax/vocals/keys

Vincent Lily- trumpet

Cory Green-guitar

Sierra Boudoin-Singer

Cody Hoopengardner-guitar  https://www.facebook.com/cody.hoopengardner


Shot with a Canon G20 and a Canon T3I.

Edited in Adobe Premiere at mattkprovideo studios.

Executive Produced by Cody Hoopengardner.

Shot and edited by Matthew Kordelski

The Rolling Stones – Love Is Strong – OFFICIAL PROMO


The Rolling Stones – Love Is Strong – OFFICIAL PROMO


I wonder how they did this back in 1994?

I am sure most of this is The Rolling Stones and the models “Green Screened” into the footage, but do think some of this is the Stones in miniature sets?


Have the Rolling Stones prance about in front of a green screen and then use adobe after effects > motion tracking?

Or have some kind of advanced motion control camera rig so that they shot they Full scale buildings and green screen shots the same way? HOW could they pull of those elaborate moving dolly shots?




I don’t think that even the Rolling Stones could afford to build mini sets for a video. But maybe, (MAYBE) an effects house had some city sets left over from some other film that they could use. But thats a maybe. More likely. they shot wide format ( 70mm????) for both the city and the actors, thus giving them latitude the add movement and shake. Im not saying they DID use models. But if I were the director I would so love to just have mick strut his stuff in a micro set and shoot it hand held. It would make it so much easier and faster.

Directed by David Fincher?







A promo video for AM5Live, A San Antonio based music promoter.




Video Shooter and Editor:



Special Thanks:

Allen Green, OnQ Productions,  The Rock Box, Alfred Mejia, Ten Years, From Ashes to New, To Whom it May, Kingdom Collapse, San Antonio’s awesome rock fan base.


Shot with a Canon T6i and edited in Adobe Premiere and some Adobe After Effects.