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One single website?

I’m a wedding videographer who also does any other kind of video I can get.
I currently have 2 web sites, one just for weddings alone and another one just for promo videos/corp spots/ music videos etc.
I am talking to a new web-master who is  insisting that  I should just have ONE website.that has a “wedding” tab.
I strongly disagree.
I believe that potential brides just want a dedicated WEDDING videographer,
Someone that they feel does wedding videography first and only.
Other videographers know there isn’t much difference but I think it makes a difference to customers.
I feel like I should keep up the illusion that I am JUST a wedding videographer ( to potential wedding customers) and primarily a commercial video producer on a separate website aimed just at commercial clients.

Schuh Huffman Wedding Reel

This is the  Schuh Huffman wedding “best of” reel.

Their wedding and reception was held at the Hummingbird House wedding venue in Manchaca, Texas.  December 2016.






This was recorded with a Canon T3I DSLR, Canon Vixia G20 camera, and several go pro cameras.

Edited with Adobe Premiere CS7 .

Quinceañera in Taylor, Texas


I was hired to shoot and edit this Quinceanera party with my Canon G20 Camcorder and a T3I DSLR.


This was edited in Adobe Premiere.

Walter & Areli’s Wedding Video




Walter Ulloa & Areli Hernandez got married at Chapel Dulcinea in Austin, Texas on July 27, 2017. 7:pm.




Walter Ulloa y Areli Hernandez se casaron en Chapel Dulcinea en Austin, Texas, el 27 de julio de 2017. 7: pm.




I was hired to shoot and edit their wedding video. I used a Canon T3i DSLR camera, Canon g20 Vixia camcorder and a samsung android as backup.



I edited in Adobe Premiere with some shots cleaned and altered in after effects.



Take note of the photo scenes at 23.28…..  Some of the video was so backlit and overexposed it seemed unusable. I slo mo-ed the video and added auto color and contrast correction and some of the shots have an artsy quality that I could claim I did on purpose but are really just “happy accidents.”