Photoshop Before & After

Samples of my skills in using Adobe Photoshop, photo editing/repair and graphics creation.
Fox & Crow Comic, Color Corrected photo fox crow 3_zps5wj9rqyh.jpg

kiersten photoshop

 photo rabid BampA_zpslitcnl1c.jpg

 photo kim h2_zpsscwk5phr.jpg

A phone shot of Zion National Park. I seperated this picture into two layers. On the lower layer I lowed the brightness and increased the contrast  the make the sky stand out more.

 photo zion before amp after_zpsewofp5gx.jpg

An actors’ headshot cleaned up and color corrected in Photoshop. I used ” Auto Color” Adjust brightness / contrast and a lot of cloning.
 photo renato fixed_zpsg8po6icq.jpg


 photo enterprise_zpsilmatdgo.jpg

 photo perry p shop2_zpsjzh6ktos.jpg

Wonder Woman Color Corrected photo wonder woman 2_zpsty6cv8z3.jpg

Below, that is me with my video camera and spotlight. I seperated the picture into two layers with the lasso and pen tools. Then I cloned myself out and re combined the two layers.
 photo karla enters fixed_zpsrakzlt2w.jpg

I used the magic wand and lasso tools to take out the green screen.
 photo hardy castle demo_zpsfcjnkmmf.jpg

An office manager hired me to edit his bosses faces onto some old stock photos:

 photo corporate sales_zps3xlim2z7.jpg

Video graphics created in Photoshop and layered over the footage in Adobe Premiere.
 photo box nine app001_zpszwz4dhrt.jpg



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