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George Lucas directing Obi Wan movie?


Don’t forget that George Lucas directed American Graphitti, THX 1138 and the first Star Wars…. so we know he can direct great movies…….

I’m in the minority that I think the 3rd prequel is better than “Return of The Jedi”

If its shot in Ireland with mostly natural locations and real actors and not all green screened the Obi Wan film could be great




i I thinks its very possibly a mis informed British politician said “george lucas plans to….” unaware that Lucas isnt in charge of star wars anymore





I’m a little confused.

According to this video, every scene with a pilot in a plane was ALL CGI?

At  1.12  and 3.40, are those shots of real actors or pure  animation?

I would think it would be much more convincing to put a real actor in a mock up plane and “key” him into the CGI. Maybe the CGI person is there to react to the motion capture information gathered by shooting the real actors?

George Lucas was the producer not the director. Lucasfilm employee Anthony Hemingway was the actual director. It was in the media that after Hemingway finished the film, Lucas took over and re shoot many scenes. Was that because Hemingway was a bad director or that Lucas is hyper controlling? Seeing as how Lucas re tinkered with the Star Wars films, I’d blame Lucas with no slight against Hemingway.

As a Lucas production,  the plane scenes are all elaborate ILM created special effects and shot very “Star Wars -ey” ( yeah I know, the Star Wars dogfight scenes are known to be ” WW2 movies in space).

I may have to re watch RED TAILS again. My memories of it was the effects were good but the film itself was weak. I thought the HBO Tuskegee Airmen tele movie was lower budgeted but somehow a better over all watching experience.












John Williams Documentary

Star Wars – Music by John Williams Rare 1980 Documentary



A documentary on the amazing John Williams. He scored most of the great movie epics of the last 30 years: Jaws, Close Encounters, Raiders of the Lost Ark and all its sequels, Star Wars and all its sequels!

His music is the best part of anything that he has worked on.

Williams score brought the fear and dread of the impending shark attacks in Jaws. He ( and George Lucas) had the great idea to have the music score for Star Wars contradict the pictures.  High Tech futuristic imagery with old style pseudo classical music underneath gave the potentially goofy movie a seriousness and elegance it wouldn’t have had otherwise.


Say what you want about the Phantom Menace…. John Williams music score, especially “Duel of the Fates” is excellent!


At 14:06 you can see the Carbon Freeze scene from The Empire Strikes Back with the original undubbed voices!