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Christopher Robin (2018) Review


I just saw the new Winnie the Pooh movie. Oops I mean “Christopher Robin”.

When I first saw the Trailer

I thought it was the Disney Corp trying to cash in on the critically acclaimed:


Goodbye Christopher Robin (2017)

And now that I’ve seen it…. I still kind of think that.

I enjoyed parts of it. Its technically amazing. HOW did they make those animals move? Puppetry? Advanced CGI? Or… most likely… a combination of all of them?

The characters were a clever hybrid of the original storyboard drawings and Disney cartoon models.

The real Christopher Robin:

Ewan McGregors a great actor, but this guy looks more the part:

The story is a bit remiscent of Spielbergs HOOK . The work a holic dad who cant find time to be with his family.

It also reminded me a bit of DREAM CHILD, TED, and the Harry Potters…

WHO was this movie for? Small children? Jaded Adults?

And THIS “Christopher Robin” has almost NO connection to what I know of the real one ( and I’m not even that much a Pooh buff).

If they can use the “magic tree” to teleport from London to the hundred Acre wood, why couldn’t they use it to transport back?

It has marvellous moments, but the ending was bit too much “Disney Ex Machina”





I’m a little confused.

According to this video, every scene with a pilot in a plane was ALL CGI?

At  1.12  and 3.40, are those shots of real actors or pure  animation?

I would think it would be much more convincing to put a real actor in a mock up plane and “key” him into the CGI. Maybe the CGI person is there to react to the motion capture information gathered by shooting the real actors?

George Lucas was the producer not the director. Lucasfilm employee Anthony Hemingway was the actual director. It was in the media that after Hemingway finished the film, Lucas took over and re shoot many scenes. Was that because Hemingway was a bad director or that Lucas is hyper controlling? Seeing as how Lucas re tinkered with the Star Wars films, I’d blame Lucas with no slight against Hemingway.

As a Lucas production,  the plane scenes are all elaborate ILM created special effects and shot very “Star Wars -ey” ( yeah I know, the Star Wars dogfight scenes are known to be ” WW2 movies in space).

I may have to re watch RED TAILS again. My memories of it was the effects were good but the film itself was weak. I thought the HBO Tuskegee Airmen tele movie was lower budgeted but somehow a better over all watching experience.












Christopher Reeve – Superman 3D Tribute




This isn’t my work. It was made by someone brilliant named Francesco Accattatis.

I think Warner Brothers home video show hire him to do special editions of the currently awful Superman 3 and 4.  His effects would make those mediocre movies much more watchable.


Egads this guy is GOOD:


How CGI Transformed Animated Storytelling

How CGI Transformed Animated Storytelling




When CGI took over animation in the late 1990s, it didn’t just upgrade the visuals of the medium: it helped transform the way animated stories are told. In this video, I trace the progression of American animated films from conservative fairy tales to liberal allegories.

GAME OF DEATH needs to be remastered


Theres lots of older movies that get digitally remastered / enhanced “special editions.” And many new Hollywood hits use face replacement technology- to put stars faces onto stunt performers etc…



When the greatest Asian Martial Arts star ever, Bruce Lee, died leaving his last film ” Game of  Death” unfinished, the producers TRIED to save the project with body doubles and awful 1970s face replacement technology:


By todays standards, it is laughably bad.

I would like to suggest that whoever has the rights to the original master footage of Game of Death partners up with ILM or whoever and make a special edition.  Replace Lees face with state of the art CGI, clean up and remaster the rest of film, and maybe even make it 3D.


Now, I don’t think facial replacement technology is quite where it should be – yet. They’re getting closer to reality. Tarkin and Lei came close, but there is something inescapably difficult to capture about the human face that even the best efforts look a little…. goofy. I think Lee would be worth the effort.


Bruce Lee is still thought of as one the greatest movie stars in the world. I think a “new” 3D film starring the Legendary Bruce Lee would be a huge hit in Asia, America and most of the world.  They would more than make their money back and then some.


This is a whiskey commercial with a CGI Bruce Lee that comes REALLY close: