GAME OF DEATH needs to be remastered


Theres lots of older movies that get digitally remastered / enhanced “special editions.” And many new Hollywood hits use face replacement technology- to put stars faces onto stunt performers etc…

When the greatest Asian Martial Arts star ever, Bruce Lee, died leaving his last film ” Game of  Death” unfinished, the producers TRIED to save the project with body doubles and awful 1970s face replacement technology:


By todays standards, it is laughably bad.

I would like to suggest that whoever has the rights to the original master footage of Game of Death partners up with ILM or whoever and make a special edition.  Replace Lees face with state of the art CGI, clean up and remaster the rest of film, and maybe even make it 3D.


Now, I don’t think facial replacement technology is quite where it should be – yet. They’re getting closer to reality. Tarkin and Lei came close, but there is something inescapably difficult to capture about the human face that even the best efforts look a little…. goofy. I think Lee would be worth the effort.


Bruce Lee is still thought of as one the greatest movie stars in the world. I think a “new” 3D film starring the Legendary Bruce Lee would be a huge hit in Asia, America and most of the world.  They would more than make their money back and then some.


This is a whiskey commercial with a CGI Bruce Lee that comes REALLY close:


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