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George Lucas directing Obi Wan movie?


Don’t forget that George Lucas directed American Graphitti, THX 1138 and the first Star Wars…. so we know he can direct great movies…….

I’m in the minority that I think the 3rd prequel is better than “Return of The Jedi”

If its shot in Ireland with mostly natural locations and real actors and not all green screened the Obi Wan film could be great




i I thinks its very possibly a mis informed British politician said “george lucas plans to….” unaware that Lucas isnt in charge of star wars anymore

Don’t cancel the Obi Wan film?


Disney has cancelled the Obi Wan movie because “Solo” tanked?



Don’t CANCEL them but…….

Disney is being greedy and rushing out too many Star Wars films too soon. The old ones, even the prequels, were EVENTS that took a long time to make. 2 a year if even takes the “special ness” out of it. And Hollywood should learn WHY certain things succeed or fail. The dark and gritty Batmans were big hits so…. lets make Superman dark and gritty. SLAP! Bad logic!