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I just watched SOLO again on DVD. I loved it. Its way better than “Last Jedi” Im not sure Alden Ehrenreich was the best pick as Solo. I would have made at least 2 movies.. ending with Solo getting the Falcon. In the old EU wasnt Han raised by wookies? Making him almost chewies adopted brother? I would like to see another solo film ( altho I doubt we’ll see that).


Don’t cancel the Obi Wan film?


Disney has cancelled the Obi Wan movie because “Solo” tanked?



Don’t CANCEL them but…….

Disney is being greedy and rushing out too many Star Wars films too soon. The old ones, even the prequels, were EVENTS that took a long time to make. 2 a year if even takes the “special ness” out of it. And Hollywood should learn WHY certain things succeed or fail. The dark and gritty Batmans were big hits so…. lets make Superman dark and gritty. SLAP! Bad logic!