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Spieberg Verse?


All the Star Trek TV shows and movie all exist in the same shared universe, most of the Marvel comics Tv shows and movie now share the same universe….. maybe Steven Kings books and movies seem to share a combined universe… ( theres often sly references to other King-verse things in his books and movies)…. Do you think there is a Spielberg-verse?

Certainly not his “serious” films like “Saving Private Ryan” and certainly not “Schindlers List”) BUT his more ‘popcorn-ey’ movies seem like they could be in a shared universe. “JAWS,” “Close Encounters,” ” ET, ” “Jurassic Park” “Raiders” ….. even pseudo Spielberg movies like “Poltergeist” “Back to the Future” and “Gremlins” sure seem like they could be in the same shared universe.

I could totally see characters from “Close Encounters” somehow showing up in “ET” and or “Jurassic Park”

Am I way off base with this? Are their any easter eggs or call backs that hard core fans have noticed?

Write to Steven Spielbergs Address?


How to write a letter to Steven Spielberg? What is his address?

You could write a letter to :

Steven Spielberg

Amblin Reliance Productions LLC ·

100 Universal City Plz,

Universal City, CA 91608      

and his corporate website ( https://amblin.com/faqs/) says:

“Correspondence to Steven Spielberg can be mailed to the following address:

100 Universal City Plaza
Bldg. 5121
Universal City, CA 91608

If you are a member of the media, please submit your request to the attention of our publicity department at the address above.”

But would it ever get to him? Would he read it? Doubtful, but who knows.

If you are sending him a script or movie idea, odds are his secretaries would intercept it and return it to you unopened so you can’t claim later that he stole your idea.

As per the AMBLIN website:

“I want to submit an idea  to Mr. Spielberg….:

Due to legalities , DreamWorks/Amblin have a strong policy prohibiting the acceptance of unsolicited scripts unless submitted by franchise literary agents… Submissions will be returned unread.


I think this is the same policy for EVERY movie and TV company, I have heard it is also true for book publishers. Its probably also true for newspapers and magazines. You can only send them stuff through agents that they’ve worked with before.




Dolly Zoom

Some YouTube video tutorials on how to do the “vertigo effect.” The “dolly zoom” (physically dolly on the camera as you zoom out the lens) used by famous film director Alfred Hitchcock in “Vertigo,” Steven Spielberg on Roy Scheiders’ face in “JAWS” and many other films.

Kevin Costner in Saving Private Ryan


When I first saw the movie Saving Private Ryan ( by Steven Spielberg) I had a heard a rumor on this new thing called “the internet” that actor Kevin Costner had a minor role and or cameo in the film.

Was Kevin Costner in Saving Private Ryan?

Where was he?  There was a scene of a German sniper who kills the character “Caparzo”  (played by then unknown actor Vin Diesel) and then gets shot by Private Daniel Jackson (Barry Pepper) :

That German sniper looks like it MIGHT be Kevin Costner.

But imdb says that sniper was played by stuntman Leos Strasky.



Theres also a scene at the end where we see a tank commander off in the distance. That might be Costner- but hes too far away to be seen for sure.


I think by now Costner would have said something about being in the film.


There is a cameo by Ted Danson, that at the time seemed out of place ( Danson was too well known as Sam in the TV comedy ” Cheers”).

Theres also cameos  by Dennis Farina and Paul Giamatti.

But…as far as I can tell…. no Costner.


Spielberg on Jaws & Raiders


Spielberg  and Dick Cavett discuss Jaws & Raiders


Spielberg couldn’t say “Midget” today.

In fact on the JAWS DVD he always says “little person.”

This talk show is slow and tame by todays standards. In the “post Arsenio” era they’d be encouraging rowdiness from the crowd.

Today the shark would of course be CGI.  But why not “muppeteers” under a rubber shark?



John Williams Documentary

Star Wars – Music by John Williams Rare 1980 Documentary



A documentary on the amazing John Williams. He scored most of the great movie epics of the last 30 years: Jaws, Close Encounters, Raiders of the Lost Ark and all its sequels, Star Wars and all its sequels!

His music is the best part of anything that he has worked on.

Williams score brought the fear and dread of the impending shark attacks in Jaws. He ( and George Lucas) had the great idea to have the music score for Star Wars contradict the pictures.  High Tech futuristic imagery with old style pseudo classical music underneath gave the potentially goofy movie a seriousness and elegance it wouldn’t have had otherwise.


Say what you want about the Phantom Menace…. John Williams music score, especially “Duel of the Fates” is excellent!


At 14:06 you can see the Carbon Freeze scene from The Empire Strikes Back with the original undubbed voices!