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Spieberg Verse?


All the Star Trek TV shows and movie all exist in the same shared universe, most of the Marvel comics Tv shows and movie now share the same universe….. maybe Steven Kings books and movies seem to share a combined universe… ( theres often sly references to other King-verse things in his books and movies)…. Do you think there is a Spielberg-verse?

Certainly not his “serious” films like “Saving Private Ryan” and certainly not “Schindlers List”) BUT his more ‘popcorn-ey’ movies seem like they could be in a shared universe. “JAWS,” “Close Encounters,” ” ET, ” “Jurassic Park” “Raiders” ….. even pseudo Spielberg movies like “Poltergeist” “Back to the Future” and “Gremlins” sure seem like they could be in the same shared universe.

I could totally see characters from “Close Encounters” somehow showing up in “ET” and or “Jurassic Park”

Am I way off base with this? Are their any easter eggs or call backs that hard core fans have noticed?

Spider Verse and AquaMan


I saw 2 movies 2 nights in a row.

A sneak peak of AQUAMAN last night and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” tonight.

Aquaman- eye candy for the ladies.  A superhero who doesn’t need a rubber muscle suit. The movie reminded me a bit of THOR  and the LOTR films….  epic conflicts between royals and the outsider upstart…  So much of Aqua Man felt fake.  Every scene felt like it was in a studio set or green screened, even scenes that would not seem to need to be fakes. Sitting on a boat, walking through an Italian town, walking on a beach.  And I never felt all the numerous underwater scenes looked like they were really underwater.

Visually,  it reminded me of  “Finding Nemo”  The Star Wars prequels ( in a bad way)  and, sad to say,  the dozens of other super hero movies of the past twenty years.  I would say of Aquaman what I would say of the many other superhero epics:  Bazillions of dollars in special effects that are no longer a rare thing. I can’t feel fear or concern for what the characters are going through if I don’t believe they’re really going through it.

People complained that the Star Wars prequels looked to cgi and artificial. It was a great relief, they said, that “The Force Awakens” and “Rogue One”  used so many natural locations and minimal CGI.

Aquaman is CGI from start to finish, its almost like Roger Rabbit, live action characters inserted into animated backgrounds.

Good set up of the rivalry/ conflict between Black Manta and Aquaman.   Black Manta was actually…. Black. Well why not?

Amber Heards awfully wigs! Yuck!














R.I.P. Stan Lee


Nobody lives forever.


But Stan Lee seemed like one of those celebrities who would always be around. He was always writing about himself in “Stans soap box” in all of the Marvel Comics I devoured in the late 70s and mid 80s.

His voice was often in the Spiderman cartoons…..  DC didn’t really have a figurehead like Stan Lee.

Walt Disney studios had….. Walt Disney. Star Wars had George Lucas. The Muppets had Jim Henson.

I have read some “anti Stan Lee” things, how he took credit for others works,  didn’t pay artists and writers what he should…. then again the same things were said about Walt Disney etc…


Stan Lee was born Stanley Martin Lieber on December 28, 1922 and died November 12, 2018).




Why is Marvel Comics THOR blonde?


Why is Marvel Comics THOR blonde?  Isn’t Thor a big burley RED headed, RED bearded character?


Thats the way he is described in Norse mythology.