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Smithsonian Comic Book Exhibit

Holy Disappointment Batman!

I went to the Smithsonian History Museum because I heard they had a comic book exhibit.

The Smithsonian is the gold standard of museums right? RIGHT?!?!?

They had the 1989 Batmobile, which is great of course, and two glass cases. One had the Linda Carter Wonder Woman Costume, Wolverines claws, a lunch box and other kitsch…. a costume of… the Puerto Rican Captain America!?!?!?!

And a second case of comic book and comic strip art of varying interest level….

I’ll save you the trip, this video and accompanying links are all you are going to see:

R.I.P. Stan Lee

Nobody lives forever.


But Stan Lee seemed like one of those celebrities who would always be around. He was always writing about himself in “Stans soap box” in all of the Marvel Comics I devoured in the late 70s and mid 80s.

His voice was often in the Spiderman cartoons…..  DC didn’t really have a figurehead like Stan Lee.

Walt Disney studios had….. Walt Disney. Star Wars had George Lucas. The Muppets had Jim Henson.

I have read some “anti Stan Lee” things, how he took credit for others works,  didn’t pay artists and writers what he should…. then again the same things were said about Walt Disney etc…

Stan Lee was born Stanley Martin Lieber on December 28, 1922 and died November 12, 2018).




Sea Monkey documentary

Remember those “sea monkey” ads that ran in comic books seemingly… forever?

Somebody did a youtube  video documentary on this scam/novelty:




Supermans Kyptonian rocket

Supermans Kyptonian rocket


A panel from an old Superman Comic photoshopped into layers and composited into motion graphics / animation. I animated the rocket blast in After Effects.

Effect>  Simulation>  CC Particle Systems >    and added blur to the lines.

Superman Color Corrected

Multiple separate layers were duplicated. I used lasso and pen tools to cut out the images.  I then used auto color, color balance and the paint bucket fill tool to make the image look new.

Superman Comic Art, Color Corrected

Superman Color Corrected


An old SUPERMAN comic art panel, color corrected in Adobe Photoshop.

I duplicate the image into multiple separate layers. I used lasso and pen tools to cut out the images.  I then used auto color, color balance and the paint bucket fill tool to make the image look new.

Why is Marvel Comics THOR blonde?

Why is Marvel Comics THOR blonde?  Isn’t Thor a big burley RED headed, RED bearded character?


Thats the way he is described in Norse mythology.



Rorschach Meets TAXI DRIVER

Alan Moore’s ground breaking comic book THE WATCHMEN was brilliant. A comment on the defunct CHARLETON COMICS characters, and a comment on comic books in general.

I ‘ve always thought that Rorschach was at least partially inspired by Robert Deniro’s portrayal of Travis Bickle in Martin Scorcese’s TAXI DRIVER.

This illustrated prequel to that comic is “Before Watchmen“.

The water color finishing is fantastic.  It was done by original Watchmen colorist John Higgins,   It reminds me of the fantastic illustrations in RANXEROX, a violent and explicit Italian comic book series reprinted in HEAVY METAL in the 1980s.

“Ranxerox created by  Stefano Tamburini and Tanino Liberatore,  ”

( I also think that Arnold Schwarzenegger in the original 1985 TERMINATOR  was partially inspired by Ranxerox)

You might think that there would be a copyright issue, you can’t put a character into your comic book with the owners permission. Then again, DC comics is owned by Warner Brothers, which released TAXI DRIVER. So WB wouldn’t sue one of its own subsidiaries over something so minor would they?