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Kevin Costner in Saving Private Ryan


When I first saw the movie Saving Private Ryan ( by Steven Spielberg) I had a heard a rumor on this new thing called “the internet” that actor Kevin Costner had a minor role and or cameo in the film.

Was Kevin Costner in Saving Private Ryan?

Where was he?  There was a scene of a German sniper who kills the character “Caparzo”  (played by then unknown actor Vin Diesel) and then gets shot by Private Daniel Jackson (Barry Pepper) :

That German sniper looks like it MIGHT be Kevin Costner.

But imdb says that sniper was played by stuntman Leos Strasky.



Theres also a scene at the end where we see a tank commander off in the distance. That might be Costner- but hes too far away to be seen for sure.


I think by now Costner would have said something about being in the film.


There is a cameo by Ted Danson, that at the time seemed out of place ( Danson was too well known as Sam in the TV comedy ” Cheers”).

Theres also cameos  by Dennis Farina and Paul Giamatti.

But…as far as I can tell…. no Costner.