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Hand drawings

In additional to all the digital stuff I do, heres some traditional hand drawn artwork


pen and ink and water colors:

Mama Bear and Cub


Still life done in pencil:

Teapot Cup Jug



Perspective drawing done in pencil with T square and triangles.. traced in Adobe Flash

Train Station 01

Train Station 02

Drawn with a ball point pen and colored in Adobe Photoshop

German with Binoculars


Pencil art with some charcoal:

German Soldier

( By the way Im a WW2 buff NOT a neo Nazi…. heres some drawings of the good guys:)

Grenade Toss

Pen and Ink:



The typical art class table top still lifes:

Still Life June 2010


Pen and ink drawings colored in Adobe Photoshop:

Jump Boot Back05


Paratrooper 1








ArTex Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from ArTex Funding.

Animated cartoon made in Adobe Flash.



The Land Of Happiness by Nicolai Heidlas Music Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0… Music promoted by Audio Library

After Effects and Cinema 4D Motion Graphics

I do motion graphics, simple 2D animations and some 3D using, Flash.After Effects, Photoshop, and Cinema 4D.

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