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ArTex Funding Commercials

These are animated web commercials I made for ArTex Funding over the past two years.


This is the best one I did for them:

This took about 4 months to make. I used Adobe Flash (Animate), Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects.


A simpler spot made in FLASH and AFTER EFFECTS:

Basketball Spot:



Archer Spot:

Karate Spot:

Address:17009 Flint Rock Rd
Austin Texas  78738
Phone: 512.261.0024   Mobile: 512.750.5768


2D medical animation

CPAP Mask 2D medical animation made in Adobe Animate ( Adobe Flash). Finished in Adobe After Effects.


What is a motion comic?

What IS a “Motion Comic”?  It is a video made of a comic book. It is not full animation, it is not even ‘limited animation’.  It is almost like someone pointed a video camera at comic book panels, edited them together and posted it to youtube. A motion comic is usually accompanied by old-timey radio show style audio. Actors reading the lines, sound effects added in, etc..

In most cases, the original comic book artwork is scanned in to a computer. The art files (drawings) are brought into Adobe Photoshop and the different parts of the line art are seperated into different layers.  The Photoshop layers are then moved and animated in Adobe After Effects.


Birthday Card, ALLEN

2D animation birthday card made in Adobe Animate (Flash)  and composited in Adobe After Effects.


A cartoon birthday card that could be shared on Facebook or Twitter for anyone named Allen.

Artex Funding “Footlocker”

2D Animation. Created in Adobe Animate  ( nee’ Adobe Flash) and After Effects.




Drawn in Adobe Animate ( formerly Adobe Flash) and composited in Adobe After Effects.

I  added music and voice over in Adobe Premiere. This was made in Flash ( Adobe Animate), Photoshop and Adobe After Effects.


Does your company have Trouble Unlocking Cash?

Does this cause your company from having Cash Flow Problems?

ArTex Funding has a chest full of alternative lending programs.  We unlock the funding puzzle to help your company grow.  We tend to be more creative and have more flexible underwriting to help your company find the keys to success.

ArTex Funding