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Happy Birthday cake keith



Whiteboard animation made in Adobe Animate. Happy Birthday Cake cartoon for anyone named Keith.




You can use this to post to someones Facebook page (or other social media) to with anyone named Keith a Happy Birthday.



rockstar cookies



2D Cartoon animation made in flash and after effects

Happy New Years from Artex Funding

Happy New Years from Artex Funding



Whiteboard Animation made in Adobe Animate ( Flash).

Rollfast Ramblers logo


Roll fast Ramblers logo


Motion graphics made in Adobe Flash ( Animate) and Adobe After Effects.


I did a google image search on “lined notebook paper” found an image I thought would work.  I copied it and traced it in Adobe Photoshop.

I drew a box around two lines then applied STROKE with a dark blue line. Then duplicated it down the page.

I got the Rollfast Ramblers logo off their website. I copied and pasted it into Adobe Flash ( Animate).

It took several hours.  When I exported it in .swf I noticed a few “skips” I always see that when I export from Flash. I may have to re edit it in Flash.

I added the .swf on top of the notebook paper jpeg in a really big comp in After Effects.  Then I added THAT comp into a 1920 by 1080 comp and moved the position.


Artex Funnel


Web commercial for Artex Funding.



Motion graphics created in Adobe Photoshop and After Effects.

Narrator: Matthew Kordelski

Whiteboard Animation Examples


Kinetic Type Commercial made with Adobe Animate (Flash), Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects.

Texas Entrepreneur Network (T.E.N.) Funding.

Made in FLASH and AFTER EFFECTS for Artex Financing.