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Whiteboard Animation Examples


Kinetic Type Commercial made with Adobe Animate (Flash), Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects.

Texas Entrepreneur Network (T.E.N.) Funding.

Made in FLASH and AFTER EFFECTS for Artex Financing.



T.E.N. Funding Motion Graphics


Texas Entrepreneur Network (TEN) Funding Motion Graphics commercial made in Adobe Flash and Adobe After Effects, with a lot of Adobe Photoshop.




Kinetic Type Commercial made with Adobe Animate and Adobe After Effects.


The Texas Entrepreneur Networks (TEN) helps startups and growth companies raise funding from investors across the state of Texas.

Companies can raise between $5K and $50M using the TEN Funding Portal.

Once companies have raised their funding we provide ongoing support through additional services.

For Entrepreneurs: Why engage with us?

Often times, an entrepreneur doesn’t know where to start to find investment capital.

They don’t understand the process, what investors are looking for, nor how to find them.

We can show you the available funding options and help you decide which one is best for you.

We’re in Texas and we focus on Texas-based companies so we can meet and talk with you about your fund raise.

How does our program work?

TEN uses a funding as a service model in which you join the program for a monthly fee.

We help you prepare your company, your investor documents, and your campaign plan.

There are multiple sources of funding so you can choose the funding option that is best for your company.

In crowdfunding, the portal on which you post your deal is not as important as the network you engage and the campaign you run.

That is why we focus heavily on the campaign planning process.

We offer a complete fund raising program that can help any company raise from $5K to $50M.



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Texas Entrepreneur Network Kinetic Type


Texas Entrepreneur Network Kinetic Type

This is a rough draft of an upcoming  web commercial I am making.



Made in Adobe Flash ( adobe Animate)   and some Adobe Photoshop, composited in Adobe After Effects.