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Rollfast Ramblers logo


Roll fast Ramblers logo


Motion graphics made in Adobe Flash ( Animate) and Adobe After Effects.


I did a google image search on “lined notebook paper” found an image I thought would work.  I copied it and traced it in Adobe Photoshop.

I drew a box around two lines then applied STROKE with a dark blue line. Then duplicated it down the page.

I got the Rollfast Ramblers logo off their website. I copied and pasted it into Adobe Flash ( Animate).

It took several hours.  When I exported it in .swf I noticed a few “skips” I always see that when I export from Flash. I may have to re edit it in Flash.

I added the .swf on top of the notebook paper jpeg in a really big comp in After Effects.  Then I added THAT comp into a 1920 by 1080 comp and moved the position.