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R.I.P. Ruth Woods, Mayor of Vidor, Texas


Ruth Woods was a former Mayor of Vidor, Texas, (and was a major “character” in my documentary ” The Least of My Brothers“)  and she died Saturday, July 9th, 2016 at Harbor Hospice House in Beaumont.

You can see it here:




Ruth Woods, 82, of Beaumont, Texas died Saturday, July 9th, 2016 at Harbor Hospice House in Beaumont.



By Dan Wallach        Tuesday, July 12, 2016
Ruth Woods, who served as Vidor’s mayor for almost three years in the early 1990s and stared down the Ku Klux Klan as she fought for desegregation of public housing in her city and prevailed in a recall attempt launched by the racist group, has died. She was 82.

Woods was a month short of her 83rd birthday when she died Saturday at Harbor Hospice in Beaumont.
During her tenure as Vidor mayor, Woods battled public perception of Vidor as a racist city on a television program and in Texas Monthly magazine, in an article published in December 1993.

She also withstood threats of physical harm from the racist group whose members fought efforts to desegregate an all-white public housing complex in Vidor.

Former Mayor Larry Hunter, who preceded Woods in office, said Woods was courageous for her stand and she did the right thing and got council rallied with her.
Hunter, a lawyer in private practice in Beaumont who still lives in Vidor, said her council for the first time in the city’s history, denied a parade permit to an outside “nationalist” group that wanted to protest the desegregation order.

“It was good money spent, saying no,” Hunter said. “We were tired of being the stomping grounds for such malarkey.”
Woods, in an early 1994 article in The Enterprise, sharply criticized the tabloid TV program “A Current Affair” for a segment is showed using hidden cameras to report on a black man living in Vidor for two weeks.
Texas Monthly, in December 1993, had published a 12-page piece titled “The Most Hate-Filled Town in Texas,” referring to Vidor.
“I thought Texas Monthly was a sleaze bag and that nobody in journalism or whatever they call themselves could stoop any lower, but ‘A Current Affair’ did,” she said.
The article never mentioned the racist protests began with agitation from a klan leader based in Cleveland or that a so-called nationalist group from Mississippi sought the parade permit.
Hunter said he had run for mayor, defeating four other candidates including Woods to impose a half-cent sales tax for the city. Once he’d accomplished that, he asked Woods to run, which she did in 1991.
“I finished my term, then the roof caved in,” he said, referring to the struggles about race.


Recent College Courses


Recent College Courses:

These are recent ( okay, since 2006)  classes on top of my 1992 Bachelors Degree.


ARTV 1473 Drawing for Animation

ARTV 1473 Drawing for Animation

ARTV 1403 Basic Animation

ARTV 2401 2D Animation I

ARTV 2473 Character Design for 2D Animation

ARTV 1477 Stop Motion Animation

ARTV 2370 Digital Animation Techniques

ARTV 1478 Advanced Animation

ARTV 2430 2D Animation II

ARTV 1451 Digital Video

ARTC 1305 Basic Graphic Design

ARTC 1302  Digital Imaging I

ARTV 1451 Digital Video

MOTG 1370 Type for Digital Media

MOTG 1474 Motion Design Concepts

MOTG 2474 Visual Effects

MOTG 1471 Post Production for Digital Media

MOTG 1472 Styleboarding

MOTG 1473 Motion Graphics I

MOTG 2470 3D for Motion Graphics

MOTG 2371 Motion Graphics II

MOTG 2372 Motion Graphics Project (special permission)

ARTV 2271 Portfolio Workshop
NorthWest Vista College:

ARTV-2341-001 Advanced Digital Video

ARTV-1343-002  Digital Sound


keywords:  AUSTIN COMMUNITY COLLEGE, northwest vista college, rowan university


OK, I think I know how they did it….


How they showed Superman flying away and in the same shot, Clark Kent comes in the door.

OK, I think I know how they did it….

look at 3.51 in this youtube clip, we see over Lois’s shoulder Superman saying goodnight and flying away. Then in the same shot, NO cuts she walks over to the apartment door and lets Clark Ken in… same shot.  How they did it?

Had a Superman double in the shot? No, thats clearly Christopher Reeve as Superman in the same scene as Christopher Reeve as Clark Kent.  Did they have Reeve get pulled by wires offscreen and he quickly changed out of his Superman suit and into Clark Kent clothes?  Possibly but highly unlikely…. Superman could move that fast, Christopher Reeve couldn’t.    A hidden jump cut? I’ve rewatched it studied that shot and theres no cut.  Today they could hide a cut with a digital morph, you couldn’t do that in 1978.


No, look at 3.51 again. Margot Kidder is standing  in front of a PROJECTION of (earlier shot footage of) Christopher Reeve flying away then she walks away from the rear projection scene onto a practical set and then Christopher Reeve as Clark Kent walks in. All done IN CAMERA.


Drunk Driving PSA “Queen of the Prom”

Drunk Driving Public Service Announcement (PSA): “Queen of the Prom”


Made in ProTools. I am the main narrator.

Keywords: ProTools, Audio, sound, audio production, post production, editing, voice over, narration, drunk driving, dwi, public service announcement, kordelski, matt kordelski, mattkprovideo

Commercial Video Production

Commercial / Corporate Video Production


I love making corporate / business / explainer videos. I can be creative and productive with clients who are more professional and easier to work with than music video or wedding video clients.

I shot these using a profession Canon DSLR, a slider, a gimbal, and edited using Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere.

Two of several Lawyer Videos I made for attorney Vic Feazell:


San Antonio Dance Umbrella:

Whiteboard animation for ARTEX FUNDING:

And another animated video for the same client:


Renowned author and women’s leadership motivational speaker Dr. Cortney Davis hired me to shoot and edit a promo video for her upcoming speaking tour:


Sports video for BITTER LACROSSE

Two Promo videos I was hired to make for a new app “My Box Nine.” These feature both video and 2D animation.

I was hired to make this ad for a group of business owners hoping to prevent a zoning law change in their neighborhood. It is 7 and a half minute along. I am especially proud of the animated graphics at .54 seconds and 1 min 54 secs,

Animated ad for Round Rock Honey.

Part of a “Sizzle Reel” pitching a potential reality series starring “outlaw biker” Jesse James:

Created in Adobe Photoshop and After Effects.

Web commercial promoting Austin Pedicabs for Weddings:

made with a Go Pro, a Canon DSLR and Adobe After Effects.


mattkprovideo  business videos 2017