Recent College Courses

Recent College Courses:

These are recent ( okay, since 2006)  classes on top of my 1992 Bachelors Degree.


ARTV 1473 Drawing for Animation

ARTV 1473 Drawing for Animation

ARTV 1403 Basic Animation

ARTV 2401 2D Animation I

ARTV 2473 Character Design for 2D Animation

ARTV 1477 Stop Motion Animation

ARTV 2370 Digital Animation Techniques

ARTV 1478 Advanced Animation

ARTV 2430 2D Animation II

ARTV 1451 Digital Video

ARTC 1305 Basic Graphic Design

ARTC 1302  Digital Imaging I

ARTV 1451 Digital Video

MOTG 1370 Type for Digital Media

MOTG 1474 Motion Design Concepts

MOTG 2474 Visual Effects

MOTG 1471 Post Production for Digital Media

MOTG 1472 Styleboarding

MOTG 1473 Motion Graphics I

MOTG 2470 3D for Motion Graphics

MOTG 2371 Motion Graphics II

MOTG 2372 Motion Graphics Project (special permission)

ARTV 2271 Portfolio Workshop
NorthWest Vista College:

ARTV-2341-001 Advanced Digital Video

ARTV-1343-002  Digital Sound


keywords:  AUSTIN COMMUNITY COLLEGE, northwest vista college, rowan university


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