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Jackson Browne, Orlando Jan 2018

I attended a Jackson Brown convert tonight at the Walt Disney concert hall in Orlando Florida.

Slow, kinda boring show. I respect the fact that he doesn’t want to do a”greatest hits” show but I don’t know most of these songs and the Orlando crowd was clearly in the mood for a more rockin show.

They were screaming and yelling like it was a Pro Wrestling match.

This felt like a lone hippy crooning in the corner of a coffee shop trying to be heard over the crowd.

A sedate show like THIS brought out the SWAT team?

On our way back to the hotel we passed the Orlando PULSE club, Another sign of right wing degenerates bringing this country down.$p$f=0c68eef&w=663&$w=4b85173

Images of the Jackson Browne threat banners:


mattkprovideo music videos


mattkprovideo music video

Dale Watson and James Intveldt

“Death Garage” surf rock instrumental by The Nematoads.

“Light My Fire” by Strange Dayz Austin, Doors cover band.

“Deadwood” surf rock instrumental by The Nematoads.

“Prison Planet” by Marz Theron


“Five Guns West” surf rock instrumental by The Nematoads.

Ben Sparks with upright Bass, Rollfast Ramblers Logo

Ben Sparks with upright bass, Rollfast Ramblers Logo

Made in Adobe Flash and composited in Adobe After Effects.

ISLAND TEXAS BAND, “Should Have Been a Cowboy” Music Video

ISLAND TEXAS BAND, “Should Have Been a Cowboy” Music Video

Island Texas Band performs “Should Have Been a Cowboy” at Hudsons in Dripping Springs (outside of Austin).




Dale Watson and James Intveldt

Country legends Dale Watson and James Intveldt jam at the Continental Club. Austin, Texas. February 2017.
I shot this with a Canon G20 and a Canon T3I, with some shots on a slider.

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