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Merry Christmas 2018



Merry Christmas from MattKProvideo.

The bell was made in Adobe Animate ( Flash). The lights were made in Adobe Photoshop  ( I drew the string of lights in Adobe Photoshop. I duplicated in colored some bright and glow-ey and some dull.) and it was all composited in Adobe After Effects.


Merry Christmas from Pro Defense Pest Control


Merry Christmas from Pro Defense Pest Control

prodefensepestcontrol@gmail.com (210) 233-9462


Made in Adobe Animate (Flash) and Adobe After Effects.




Merry Christmas from Artex Funding

Merry Christmas from Artex Funding



Drawn in Adobe Flash ( Adobe Animate) then exported as a “.swf” file,

It was a little bigger than 1920 by 1080 so I brought the flash  “.swf” file into Adobe After Effects. I scaled it down about 80 %.  Then I added the website url and phone number, luckily Adobe After Effects had the same font installed as I used in Flash.

I felt the white lettering didn’t stand out enough from the bright white background. So even though it was drawn line art already, I added an adjustment layer with the Stylize > Cartoon filter over everything.  It gave the lines a greater thickness.

Then I added another adjustment layer with the ” CC Snowfall” effect on it. White snowflakes against a white background?  I put the snow effect layer UNDER the cartoon layer- this giving the snowflakes a thin outline.


I rendered it all as a  Quicktime H.264  “.mov ” so it could be uploaded easily to Youtube.


Then I shared it via Twitter and Google Plus.


This is a “Christmas Card”  that ArTex Funding can send out to their clients.



Beatles Christmas Records


At christmas time the new york rock radio station I loved would play snippets of the Beatles Christmas albums. They DJs said they were sent out to members of the British Beatles fan club as Christmas gifts but weren’t sent out to American members…

Thus they were rare and apparently much sought after expensive collectors items.  And now here they are for free.