Merry Christmas from Artex Funding

Merry Christmas from Artex Funding


Drawn in Adobe Flash ( Adobe Animate) then exported as a “.swf” file,

It was a little bigger than 1920 by 1080 so I brought the flash  “.swf” file into Adobe After Effects. I scaled it down about 80 %.  Then I added the website url and phone number, luckily Adobe After Effects had the same font installed as I used in Flash.

I felt the white lettering didn’t stand out enough from the bright white background. So even though it was drawn line art already, I added an adjustment layer with the Stylize > Cartoon filter over everything.  It gave the lines a greater thickness.

Then I added another adjustment layer with the ” CC Snowfall” effect on it. White snowflakes against a white background?  I put the snow effect layer UNDER the cartoon layer- this giving the snowflakes a thin outline.

I rendered it all as a  Quicktime H.264  “.mov ” so it could be uploaded easily to Youtube.


Then I shared it via Twitter and Google Plus.


This is a “Christmas Card”  that ArTex Funding can send out to their clients.



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