“Busy Bee” Artex Funding


“Busy Bee” Artex Funding.  http://artexfunding.com/

Made in Flash, Photoshop and After Effects.

Voice Over, drawing, photoshop, flash and after effects by Matthew S. Kordelski

Written by Matthew S. Kordelski and the client, Artie Berne.

keywords:  Voice Over, drawing, photoshop, flash ,  after effects, animation, commercial

10 thoughts on ““Busy Bee” Artex Funding

  1. Jody Cohen

    WRPBiTV would charge $800 plus it would air on our internet television station which is ranked 3rd in the country we are lisenced & insured and have three studios .

      1. Nadine Nagamatsu

        If this were a paid job, can you give a guesstimate as to how long you could produce this in? As someone who’s worked with animators, it’s important to know that they can stick to a deadline and give frequent product updates throughout the process…and that definitely factors into the cost of the video. The faster you can produce it the more value you add to a company looking for this type of work.

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