Matthew Kordelski cover letter

Matthew S. Kordelski

Austin, Tx 78741

I would like to join your video production team as a shooter / editor and motion graphics animator.

This is my newest Video / Animation website:

I have extensive knowledge in all of the latest video editing, 2D and 3D animation techniques.  I know how to use Photoshop, After Effects and Cinema 4D to create memorable videos.  My skill set is so varied that I can also do graphics design work for print or web projects.  These videos were created using traditional pencil drawings, Flash, Photoshop and After Effects:      

In addition to twenty years of professional experience in video production, I have 4 college degrees: A “Marketable Skills Award” from NorthWest Vista Colleges’ DVCP program, a BA from Rowan University in NJ, and 2 certificates (Animation and Motion Graphics) from Austin Community College. 

At SUNSET DIRECT I was charge of their video department (AVID editing and Beta SP cameras), taking ideas for their clients from concept to finished program, sometimes all on my own, and other times with the aid of a small team of artists and copywriters. I would write or co-write, shoot, edit and add graphics to corporate videos for a variety of high tech clients from 1997 to 2001.

I edited the feature documentaries “The Least of My Brothers,”

“Rage in The Cage”                                                                   

“Blood Sweat and Teeth”                                                          

  and “Hi Im Fred B”                                                                 

and I edited the  independent children’s drama “Sweetwater”.

My long term career goals are to be a part of a winning team and be in a creative productive environment that I can contribute to and help everyone over achieve. I’ve used the Media 100, AVID Media Composer, Final Cut Pro ( 7 and X) and Adobe CC (Premiere, Photoshop/After Effects) to make TV commercials and corporate training videos.

These corporate videos were created by me with a DSLR, slider and After Effects and Premiere:

As a freelance producer I have shot, edited and animated & live  music videos (  ) and I have been traveling around the state running a wedding video service for the past 3 years:

Video Gallery

I know how to go above and beyond “normal” working conditions and live what I do to exceed expectations. I know how to camp out at work and “live” a project till completion and beat deadlines while exceeding client expectations.

In addition to animation and graphics, I also have professional experience in shooting and editing (Final Cut Pro and Premiere) and even in voice acting      and  ).

I thank you for reading this and I look forward to meeting you:


Matt Kordelski

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