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Business referral one to ones.


I great way to get more business is to develop referral relationships.   “I send you send business and you send me some business.” Sounds fair right? Sounds good right?

This will energize your 1to1’s and make them 200% more effective. Here are the questions you need to ask:

  1. What problems does your product/service solve?
  2. What is the name of  a person and/or company/business you want to be doing business with that you aren’t  business with right now?
  3. What kind of business and or person would likely  be a good source for multiple referrals?
  4. Name the  professions in your world should you construct a relationship with?
  5. Which past customer(s) are the best representatives of the sort of referrals for your business.
  6. Best referral you’ve ever gotten?
  7. What members of your networking group has the customers you’re also going after?
  8. What ( kind of) referrals are you trying to avoid (NOT looking for)?
  9. What “magic words” (phrases)  constitute a potential referral for you?
  10. New markets you’re after for your business?
  11. What general types of customers or companies represent the best kind of referrals for you?
  12. What types of products or services does your company provide?
  13. What types of problems does your product or service solve?

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Business videos designed to boost your SEO


Business videos designed to boost your SEO.

YouTube is owned by Google, and we all want our businesses to reach the top of Google’s Search. When folks search for a certain service or product in out area, we want them to find US.

You can buy your to the top of Google. And theres many other ways.

One way is to use YouTube!   Make a YouTube video that packed with keywords and great video and graphics that is not only fun for the viewer to watch, not only sends your message, but will push your businesses name to the top of the Google Search Engine Optimization ( SEO).


eMail me today we can talk about making your company a great video.

mattkprovideo at gmail dot com

Here are some samples of business videos designed to boost a company’s SEO.




Round Rock Honey “Blanche”



ArTex Funding “Karate”



Hill Country Bass Coach, Ray Tomasits



Arden Innovations CPAP Hose Lift



Austins’ Vegas Style Party Bus Commercial


Shot with my Canon DSLR and edited with Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects. Some graphics made in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Animate (Flash).

Precision Auto Masters Commercial

725 San Pedro, San Antonio, Texas 78247 (210) 525-0044


Clay Tournament for Consolata Hospital.


Christmas Light Installation, San Antonio area.

Business Videos 2018


These are samples of San Antonio business / corporate videos I have shot and edited.

I shot these using a profession Canon DSLR, a slider, a gimbal, and edited using Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere.

A commercial for San Antonio car repair shop “Precision Auto Masters”:

Glo-Geeks Christmas Light Installation

Dream Jet Car Wash

Two of several Lawyer Videos I made for attorney Vic Feazell:


Whiteboard animation for ARTEX FUNDING:

And another animated video for the same client:


Renowned author and women’s leadership motivational speaker Dr. Cortney Davis hired me to shoot and edit a promo video for her upcoming speaking tour:


Dream Weaver Florist:


Wacken Metal Battle:

Note: I did NOT do the chrome 3D, that was supplied by the client. I did everything else.


Sports video for BITTER LACROSSE

Two Promo videos I was hired to make for a new app “My Box Nine.” These feature both video and 2D animation.

A Commercial for an Austin Texas “party bus”


Promo for AM5LIVE Promotions in San Antonio

I was hired to make this ad for a group of business owners hoping to prevent a zoning law change in their neighborhood. It is 7 and a half minute along. I am especially proud of the animated graphics at .54 seconds and 1 min 54 secs,

Animated ad for Round Rock Honey.

Part of a “Sizzle Reel” pitching a potential reality series starring “outlaw biker” Jesse James:

Created in Adobe Photoshop and After Effects.

Web commercial promoting Austin Pedicabs for Weddings:

made with a Go Pro, a Canon DSLR and Adobe After Effects.

ACL Locksmith commercials:

This is a commercial for a local christmas lights installation service. It consists mainly of animated photographs:

“Google Business” Scam

Someone from “google business” called to verify my business listing.
I said ” this seems suspicious” and they hung up.

They said ” are you Austin Sky International??

I responded with ” No, I’m…. wait… wouldn’t you know WHO I’m supposed to be? This seems suspicious..”

and they hung up on me
I googled their number ( that showed up on my phone, (323)531-5932, and they’re a well known scam. I may prank call THEM tomorrow…. anyone ever get hit with this scam?


Of course , they were NOT Google!